This past Sunday, April 2, 2017, Becky Maisenbacher delivered a word of the Lord emphasizing the Lord's desire for us to seek Him and His presence. The word was also a challenge for us to lay down competition and any program that would stand in the way of what He wants to do as He knits us together as a body. Be blessed and encouraged by the following word. - Richard

"Holy Spirit, we just thank You for coming here today. We just ask You to speak. What would You say to Your people today? What would You desire for us to hear, Lord? You've come with Your precious presence and we thank You. We thank You that You choose to abide with us, that we may learn to be a habitation for You.

And I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, I am looking for a people. I am looking for a place. I am searching for a family where I may rest. I am searching for a people who desire for Me and My presence, where they would allow Me to move without pretense, without marketing, without false celebration of what I am doing. I desire to have a place that My Spirit is free to reign without the pretense of competition, without the disappointment for the lack of a program. Could you be that place? Could you give up your desires or your expectations of who I am, and let Me be? Let Me be? For I have searched far and wide, and yes, there were places that I began to manifest My presence and what I desired to do. And at first I was celebrated, and then they took their eyes off of Me and they began to declare, "Look at me! Look at us! Look at who we are! Look how great we are! Look at what we have become!" And once again I was lost in the equation of what man thinks I am and who they must be. But I continued to search the earth for that family, that place, that people, that individual who will let Me be. And it will not be for personal gain. It will not be for personal glory. It will be a place to simply let Me be. Could you be that place? Could you be that people? Could you be that family that will come and celebrate with Me and let Me be? Could you let Me have my way and continue to point toward Me in the heavens? Could you lay down the need to be seen, to be exalted?

I come to you today with these questions. For even as the activity of My hosts, My heavenly hosts are here today in their anticipation and excitement, I anticipate that with you. Could you lay down everything of what you think I am and every expectation of how I am to perform for you, and let Me be? For I desire to show you My glory, My greatness. But in My mercy, when the celebration becomes about you, I must remove Myself so that you are not destroyed. So could you come, let Me have My way, and sacrifice your own needs so that I may thrive?

I love you. I love you! And I know your plans and purposes are good. And I know you desire to celebrate Me as a child celebrates and loves his mother and father. But I tell you, if you can do this thing with Me, you will be amazed at the works that I will do in you, in this family, in this place, if you choose to allow me to truly reign.

I love you, My beloved. I love you, My beloved. Thank you for choosing to let Me reign. Thank you for choosing to let Me have My way. Thank you for letting Me be who I am. I Am! Thank you. Thank you for laying down all your own needs or desires. Even that competition. Even that competition that can be so - so, in the world's hands, so celebratory, but in Mine, in My world, it is distasteful, because I love you all and I desire to touch you all with My loving hand. No one is greater, no one is less. Just let Me be who I am. Let Me be who I am."

Becky then continued with some further insight - The angels are ministering right now. Thank you. The Lord has come with questions for not only us individually, but as a body. This is truly a holy moment. This is a moment to decide with the angels and Holy Spirit, what are we able to do? What are we able to do for Him in removing ourselves and not touching Him in His glory. I don't think we'll be able to decide this today, but it is a sobering request. And as I'm sitting here I'm reminded of a word that was prophetically given to our community several years ago, and it's just now becoming real to me; which was the Lord asking if we could make this a habitation of His presence, and that He had things that He wanted to do here with us and through us to touch the world in His name. But there was a condition in the word, and the condition was when people came and said, 'Oh, look what you are doing!,' and the excitement over His presence and visitation and you know, whether we like it or not as humans we start to go, 'Wow, I'm pretty good. He's come sitting with me!' But the condition that prophet spoke was , when He moves and people come, can we just say, yes, it's just family. It's part of the family, and remove ourselves from any pretense, you know, that anything came from us, but it was all from Him. 

So, I submit this to you today. Thank you Lord. We just ask You to come and minister to each person here today and too all of us as a family, as a Covenant family You divinely have brought together. We know You have spoken and You have strategically placed us together and we don't really understand that, Lord, or what it looks like, or what the purpose is. But I thank you we can all learn to just be family. You've been knitting us together as a family, celebrating one another and not competing. Not even competing with Your other families that You've created, Lord. We're just The Covenant Center family, and You are our Lord. - Becky Maisenbacher