The Covenant Center Fellowship Groups connect believers with similar life experiences, interests, or situations for personal  and relational growth and accountability.

The Covenant Center Fellowship Groups provide the body with a safe place to give and receive fellowship, prayer, and worship in a more intimate setting. They provide the perfect atmosphere for personal ministry on a more intimate level, that is not accessible in a larger setting, to grow and cultivate relationships with the body.  

On-Site Wednesday evening adult classes are considered fellowship groups, in addition to the off-site groups listed below.


Our Groups

Grupo Ebenezer

Grupo Ebenezer is a Spanish home group meeting on the South side of Lakeland. Contact Nellie Colon at (863) 409-7576 for location and more information.

Men's Roundtable

Men's Roundtable is a men's home group. Contact Dan Koerner at (863) 255-8615 or Frank Salerno at (863) 859-0023 for location and more information.


Prophetic Business Women's Gathering

A gathering of women that are business-minded with vision and dreams to do more. For location and more information, contact Wanda Hollingsworth at (863) 844-1012.