1.  What is covenant?

Covenant is defined as an ongoing process of intimate exchange of all that I am for all that He is.  The purpose of covenant is to be one with Him and to know Him intimately,  (John 17:3).


2.  What is the Covenant of Peace?

Covenant produces a position of peace.  Peace means nothing between us (God and man), being capable of becoming one.  When we enter into a relationship with God, we also enter HIs Covenant of Peace, (Isaiah 54:10).  In this covenant we receive His peace, safety, security, strength, prosperity, health, and increase.


3.  What are some aspects of covenant?

  • Exchange of Names - We take on His names, including His attributes.
  • Exchange of Position - He took our place on the cross, victorious over death, and is residing in heaven.  We now represent Him on earth establishing His kingdom.
  • Exchange of Character - We conform to His ways and values.
  • Exchange of Nature - He imparts to us His love.
  • Exchange of Responsibility - As we mature, we become more like Him and walk in His righteousness.


4.  Why do I need to understand covenant?

Covenant understanding is about giving and preferring others more than ourselves.  Allowing our agendas to become secondary to what Holy Spirit desires is definitional of what it means to go to the cross daily.  Learning to love also includes valuing others as God sees them.  Encourgament, prayer, giving of ourselves, and lending a listening ear to others, are all parts of honoring or preferring the Body.  The Covenant Center is a community or church where spiritual gifts, intimacy with God, walking together as we are maturing in him, healing, and preferring one another are emphasized.


5.  Why follow a 1st Corinthians format in your services?

In 1st Corinthians 14:26 it states, "What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation.  Everything must be done so that the church may be built up."  Verse twenty-six states "when we meet," therefore there seems to be some inherent advantages in an open format at times.  We are continually amazed at the beautiful ebb and flow of the Spirit as we meet.  When we follow biblical principals presented to us, life comes forth.


6.  Why is it important to learn to hear from God?

God desires intimacy with his children, just as a parent desires to engage and interact with their children.  He speaks to us in his word, in our dreams and visions, as well as the world and nature that daily surrounds us.

God has invited us to enter into a Covenant of Peace with Him.  Intimacy with God through a covenant relationship of grace (checked) brings acceptance, identity, love and destiny with Him.

Developing and activating our prophetic calling through His gifts of the Spirit, prayers, worship, and holiness, increases our ability to know Him (yada) while also giving us the ability to minister to others.


7.  Why study Hebraic foundations?

The Covenant Center's emphasis is based upon the foundation of covenant, God's word (Torah), Hebraic thought, and the original teachings of Jesus and Paul.  Continual study of the Bible brings progressive revelation to what was originally meant or conveyed when the authors wrote Scripture.  Study of God's word, including Greek and Hebrew word studies, also brings clearer undertstanding of the culture and history when it was written, as well as proper interpretation of Scripture.


8.  Does God really want to bring wholeness and health to me?

God is a compassionate and loving God.  His desire is always toward His children to give them life and health.  However, we often live in toxic environments, naturally, emotionally, and spiritually; so life choices we make do affect our well-being and health.

As believers, our healing and maturation comes when we allow God to transform us into the image of His son Jesus, through the covenant exchange process.  We give Him all of us and we receive all that He is.  Because of the stripes Christ bore for us, His death and resurrection, healing is now available for us - body, soul, and spirit.

Recognition of our mental strongholds, perceptions, lies we have believed, and areas of unbelief, leads us to true repentance, deliverance, reconciliation and freedom.  The Covenant Center provides an atmostphere of healing leading to greater intimacy with God.


9.  Do you have Pastoral Counseling available?

Our Covenant Counseling Center provides a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere where people in need may receive Christ-centered, non-denominational Christian counseling including mental health, marital and family counseling or deliverance ministry.  Our Christian Counselors who work at The Covenant Counseling Center are ordained ministers of the Gospel who are trained and experienced in their field, comfortable in moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and practice blending truth with practical application.  Individual counseling through Skype is available upon request.


10.  Is it possible to be licensed through The Covenant Center?

One aspect of The Covenant Center is to enourage and train saints to minister in their gifts and callings, in the community, marketplace, and throughout the world.  Our desire is to support and equip believers as they are trained to fulfill their destiny in God.  Licensing and Ordination is available for qualified applicants and for those students working toward Licensing (1st Year) or Ordination (2nd Year) through Covenant U including application and recommendations.


11.  Is it possible to receive counseling endorsement through The Covenant Center?

Yes, everyone is welcome.  Our counseling program includes 35 weeks of training from September to May.  Classes meet once each week during the school year.  Pre-registration and prepayment are required.  Included in this 9 month program is individual study, group practice, mentoring and observations.  The goal is to provide a thorough understanding of issues counselors address with the practical experience needed to begin a counseling ministry.  Classes are taught and facilitated by our staff of counselors.  Study also includes understanding the counseling process, terminology and scriptural foundations through lecture, discussion, role-playing and hands-on practice.


12.  What is The Covenant Center Deliverance Ministry?

The Covenant Center Deliverance Ministry is a non-traumatic, non-dramatic, prophetic deliverance as an option if requested.  For further information or contact us at 863.802.5171.


13.  What is prophetic worship and art?

Everything we do in life is an act of worship to the Lord.  However, scripture encourages us to worship God in spirit and in truth, (John 4:23-24).  Psalm 40:3 says God will give new songs to His people and songs of praise, causing many to not only fear but trust in the Lord.  Prophetic worship allows Holy Spirit to minister and speak to us through music, dance, visual arts, and drama giving expression to the artist's impression of God's heart and mind.


14.  Can you help me publish my book?

The Covenant Publishing House assists authors in publishing their books, giving guidance regarding copyright, Library of Congress registration, writing, editing, and publication. 


1. What is The Covenant Counseling Center?

The Covenant Counseling Center is an outreach of The Covenant Center, a non-profit church organization in Lakeland, Florida.  We seek to provide a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere where people in need may receive Christ-centered, non-denominational Christian counseling including mental health, marital and family counseling, or deliverance ministry.  The Christian counselors who work with us are ordained ministers of the Gospel who are trained and experienced in their field, comfortable in moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and practiced in blending truth with practical application.


2. What sets The Covenant Counseling Center apart from other counseling centers?

The ease with which the counselors move in the revelatory and healing gifts of the Holy Spirit sets us apart.  Moving in these gifts is a part of who we are and how we live our daily lives.

We do not foster dependence upon our counseling services because our livelihood does not depend upon the number of sessions scheduled.  We seek to address your presenting problems as effectively and quickly as possible.

We are not here to correct or discipline.  The Counseling Center provides an opportunity for you to find balance, peace and direction in your life.  We hope to help you identify opportunities to grow beyond where you are currently hindered in any given area of your life.


3. Do you offer a deliverance ministry?

Yes, we provide non-traumatic, non-dramatic, prophetic deliverance as an option if requested.  Please see the Deliverance tab for more information.


4. How am I matched with a counselor?

You may request a specific counselor based on the biographical information and their availabilty.  Many of our counselors have extensive experience in various fields with various issues.  If you do not express a request regarding a counselor, our staff will prayerfully suggest one they believe will be able to provide the help needed.


5. Do I have to go to church at The Covenant Center to receive counseling?

No, although we all work together under the covering of The Covenant Center, we are not here to recruit new members.  We will encourage you to fellowship where you feel you are best being spiritually fed and nurtured.


6. What are the fees for services?

There is a fee of $40.00 per session.  A session may last an hour or more.  Each session lasts however long a time necessary to address the issue at hand to the level necessary at that time.  If you cannot afford $40.00 per session, we will try to work out a viable plan so that you are able to receive the help you need.


7. How do you feel about medications for mental illnesses?

We certainly believe God can and does heal people from mental illness as well as physical illness.  We have seen the evidence of these healings and know they are happening.  However, we also believe there is a time for medication and a time of freedom from medication.  It is best to remain on medication until more severe symptoms have subsided and the person can show ability to function in a healthy manner.  It is best to make controlled attempts to function without medication with the cooperation and knowledge of the prescribing doctor and the doctor has documented progress of the individual.

It should be understood that many times what we think is the issue is simply a symptom of a deeper core issue.  If this is the case, the counselor will discuss with you what they believe to be the core issue.  If you choose to begin dealing with that issue at the time of its initial revealing, it will be your option.  If you simply want to explore options regarding the symptom(s) in question, this will also be your option.  We recognize there are times and seasons in our lives where we are either ready or not ready to confront certain personal truths.  We will think no less of anyone who feels it is not the time to confront certain issues.  We will help you as much as you choose and will be available if you should decide to deal with other issues later.


8. Will I be required to participate in a deliverance session?

Not everyone who comes to us for counseling needs to be referred for deliverance ministry.  If it is an option you wish to explore, please read the information available under the Deliverance tab.  If the time comes and the counselor with whom you are working recommends you consider that option we will help you regardless of what you decide to do.  On the other hand, many people believe if they just receive deliverance their problems will automatically disappear.  In most cases, this is not an accurate expectation.  Deliverance will make self-discipline more effective, but some self-discipline is still needed.  Deliverance is not the easy way out of the process of healing or counseling, nor will it relieve you from making choices and taking responsibility for your choices.


9. How do I schedule an appointment?

Please fill out the Appointment Form at the bottom of the Counseling page to schedule an appointment.