About The Counseling Center

Our Counseling Center seeks to provide a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere where people in need may receive
Christ-centered, non-denominational Christian counseling including mental health, marital and family counseling or deliverance ministry.

The Christian counselors who work with us are ordained ministers of the Gospel who are trained and experienced in their field, comfortable in moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and practiced in blending truth with practical application.

One of the things that makes our Counseling Center different from others is the ease with which the counselors move in the revelatory and healing gifts of the Holy Spirit. Moving in these gifts is a part of who we are and how we live our daily lives.

A service fee of $40 per session is charged. A session may last one hour or more. If you cannot afford $40 per session, we ask you to be honest with us and we will do our best to work out a viable plan. We want you to receive the help you need.

Issues We Address

Behavioral Addictions

  • Gambling
  • Substance abuse

  • Narcissistic behavior patterns

  • Obsessive behaviors

Emotional Recovery 

  • Burn-out recognition, prevention, and recovery

  • Performance-based self-worth and identity

  • Religious Wounds

Relational Issues

  • Boundary setting without guilt

  • Communication skills

  • Manipulation and control

  • Personality conflicts

Faith-Related Issues

  • Clarifying and recognizing core beliefs
  • Improving intimacy with the Lord

  • Increasing spiritual maturity

Mental Health

  • Anxiety
  • Depression


Nancy Berzins

Nancy is licensed and orained through The Covenant Center and has received a pastoral counseling endorsement. She has experienced first hand the healing of her emotions and deep wounds by the grace of God in her life and her compassionate heart allows her to understand other's deep pain and sufferings. She is a great encourager and has a passion to help others overcome their strongholds and to be transformed by the help of the Holy Spirit. She has lived in different countries which gives her the ability to understand cultural issues and she has served in different missions in several countries. Nancy is fluent in Portugeuse, Spanish, and English.

Lidy Cummings

Serving as Office Administrator, Lidy has been part of the Covenant family for several years. She is licensed and ordained through The Covenant Center, and has also received a pastoral counseling endorsement. In addition, Lidy has received intensive inner healing training under Pat Stark. Lidy is known for her outgoing personality and ability to edify and encourage others. Her greatest desire is to help people walk into the fullness of their destiny in the Kingdom. Lidy is bilingual, speaking fluent English and Spanish

Wanda Hollingsworth

Wanda has served in active ministry for several years and in a variety of ways, including teaching, missions, and counseling around the globe. She received formal Christian training in leadership, discipleship, evangelism, theology, and prayer ministry with Elijah House Ministries under John and Paula Sanford. Wanda is an ordained minister through The Covenant Center, and is moving in her gifting as a prayer counselor and inner healing minister.

Amy Rhinehart

Amy began working in support group ministry in 1996 after receiving healing in her marriage. Amy has been trained as a human behavior specialist and helps people better understand themselves and others. God has given her a desire to give out to others what they have received. She teaches others to apply biblical principles to improve relationships and resolve conflict. Amy is ordained through The Covenant Center.

Pat Stark

Pat has over 30 years of counseling experience in the area of deep spiritual and emotional healing. Her gift is in dealing with issues lying beneath the surface that keep people wounded and trapped, unable to become who they were originally created to be. Pat's joy is to bring keys to God's people, helping them to cooperate with the deep work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, resulting in newfound freedom, peace, joy, and increased intimacy with Jesus.  

Pat released a book in 2010. Born to Fly contains some of the keys that can enable you to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in becoming free from the bondages of the past, thereby releasing you to live more fully in the present with an excitement and joy toward your future.

Heather Celoria

Heather has been an ordained minister of the The Covenant Center since 2008 and completed the Covenant Counseling Apprenticeship Program in 2013. As a current Masters of Divinity student at Asbury Theological Seminary, Heather has taken courses in Pastoral Care and has been a part of the Asbury Healing Academy since Fall 2012.

Heather's strengths include: healing prayer ministry appointments, spiritual direction, pastoral care and mentoring for those who are seeking to identify and accelerate into their gifts and callings.

Heather is also available for Skype or Google Hangout appointments.


Susan Goodman

Susan has been an integral part of The Covenant Center since 2007. She received her missionary training certification and ordination from Faith Acres Bible School in Scotland. Susan has also received her counseling endorsement and ordination from The Covenant Center. At Glasgow University Susan completed her masters degree in Social Science. Having lived in the United Kingdom, the United States, and four other countries as a missionary, she has used her gift for counsel and encouragement with many diverse cultures and communities. Whether casually over coffee or in a more formal setting, Susan is able to put young and old at ease, and bring hope, encouragement and the Word of the Lord to those who request it.

Kathy Johnson, MS, MHC

Kathy is a licensed and ordained minister through The Covenant Center with a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.  

She has counseling experience with most ages, working with both individuals and groups. Her areas of expertise include domestic violence (survivor and perpetrator), incest/rape survival, trauma and post-traumatic stress recovery, burn-out recovery and prevention, anxiety disorders, abuse recovery and prevention, addictions, mood and emotional disorders, personality disorders, vocational counseling, coping skills related to certain mental illnesses, family dynamics, crisis of faith, coping with grief, personality and learning styles assessment.

Kathy has authored books about spiritual warfare and depression and is working on other books as well. She works as part of the deliverance ministry at The Covenant Center and is experienced in dream interpretation.

David Rhinehart

David has spent most of his adult life giving counsel to married couples and mentoring individuals by giving what he has received through his own experience and healing. David is a licensed and ordained leader at The Covenant Center who has facilitated and directed a variety of small groups, counseling centers, and healing ministries. David's strengths include: spiritual mentoring, marriage counseling, conflict resolution, and training others in healing ministry.

Cheryl Ward

Cheryl is licensed and ordained through the Covenant Center and completed the Covenant Counseling Apprenticeship Program in 2012. She has several
years experience facilitating and teaching emotional healing and addictions in small group settings as well as working one on one with people.

Cheryl has been mentored by Kathy Johnson and has served on the deliverance team at The Covenant Center for the past five years.

Having received healing from the Lord in many areas of her life, including addictions, abuse, anxiety disorders, etc., it is her hearts cry to see God's children set free to be who they were really created to be and walk in the fullness of that freedom.

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