God's Covenant At Christmas

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This Christmas season gives you a tremendous opportunity to operate in two aspects of covenant: Giving and Exchanging. Galatians 1:4 states: He gave his life for our sins so that He might rescue us from this present evil age..." He even now gives Himself for us in intercessory prayer because He loves us. 

You have a wonderful opportunity this Christmas season to release the love of God within you to others. Of course, this will look different to each of you as you are presented with various occasions. It could be through your financial giving, providing food, clothing, visits to those who are lonely, prayer, writing a note, books, cards of encouragement and more.

Covenant is briefly defined as an ongoing process of intimate exchange of all that I am for all that He is. During covenant making, the stronger party exchanges what it has with the weaker party, who does not have as much to give, gladly and thankfully embracing the receiving part of covenant.

In the new covenant, rather than needing to perform and strive to get God's love and approval, we can exchange our weaknesses, sin and unrighteousness for His strength, love and righteousness. In fact there are five aspects that can be exchanged in this covenant exchange process in which we are able to receive His names, character, nature, position and responsibility. We can also exchange our sickness for His health, our anxiety for His peace and our depression or disappointment for His hope.

So during this Christmas season let's consider the joy of giving to others as we exchange our shortcomings to receive more of His nature and character in this magnificent covenant exchange.

Have a blessed Merry Christmas and New Year -

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Don't Give Up! Breakthrough Is On The Way!

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With this year coming to a close and the entrance of a New Year approaching, we may have mixed emotions about hopes and dreams that are yet to be fulfilled. Below, you will find a word of hope and encouragement released by Kay Endsley to press forward and believe that your Father is faithful and has good things ahead for you. May this embolden you in this special season to hold fast to that which is good and see God faithfully fulfill the promises He has spoken to you! Enjoy this word from Kay -

Who is in need of breakthrough? Are you in a season where you just feel like you are pushing and pushing and nothing is happening? Are you ready to give up? Or maybe you are wondering if you have done something that disqualifies you from getting your breakthrough? Have you lost that place of faith and you feel like you just cannot muster up one more ounce of belief? Well, hold on and keep pressing in to God, because He is up to something BIG!

Our family recently experienced a huge breakthrough. But prior to it happening I was in inner turmoil and really wanted to give up. Even though I could see our victory on the horizon I was afraid and my faith was failing. Then in the early hours of the morning of June 24, 2017, I was awakened with a troubled heart and went to prayer. During this time I saw a mental picture and received encouragement from God that I believe He wants to released over His body. He wants to encourage believers who are struggling to find faith. He wants to encourage you to continue in your hope. To continue to believe for what He has promised you. To continue to pray!

On that early morning as I waited before God, I saw a mental image of huge heavy doors, like the gates of a medieval castle. The timbers that were used to construct the doors were massive - like whole trees for each piece of wood! Each plank could easily have been a square yard. These doors were so massive that they were humanly impossible to open!

As I pondered this picture I saw a squad of angels come to push against the doors and they started ever so slowly to budge them open. And then more angels came to push. And as they pushed and the doors began to open, golden-yellow coins started to flow from behind the doors. They weren't coins of currency, but they were "The Blessings of the Saints" that were stored up in heaven. And I heard the sound of them starting to trickle out, coin hitting coin, slowly at first, and then faster and faster, and then all rushing out with a mighty, sweeping force! And endless stream of blessing was starting to flow! I could sense the vibrations going on in the heavens as this picture played out. I summed up the feeling with a personal Facebook post for that day saying: "Did you feel that shaking? Did you hear that rumbling? The heavy doors of heaven are being opened and breakthrough is on the way!" The sense of heavenly vibration was so strong!

Then this was the encouragement I sensed the Lord speaking to me that followed: "Let's pick up where we left off (meaning the place where there use to be faith). Let's go! I am about to open doors for you. I am opening them NOW. Big, heavy doors. They are opening. It is taking an army squad to open the doors because they are so heavy. At least five angelic men-big, strong, men, on each side of these huge, heavy doors. Maybe seven or eight as help comes and more warrior men are opening these doors.

I am opening the doors that no one could open before. I am opening doors that you pushed hard to open but you could not budge in your own strength. Even now, you are not among the assignment that is pushing those doors open. I have released My Word that 'it is time.'

You saw this hindrance in your life from your own understanding. You thought it was just a thin narrow door - like a bedroom door - and you were trying to open it and walk through. But no! These hindrances - these blocks in your life were not those kind of doors. These doors are like the gates of a castle. They are not the kind of doors you just walk through nor are they the kind of doors that I lead you to; but these are doors that are opening to release to you from the storehouses of heaven, blessing and outpouring that has been stored up for you from years and years of prayer. These doors are so heavy that battle ramparts could not break them down. They are massive like city gates, and floodgates at the same time. And they are being pushed open for you. They are swinging open for you.

For My faithful ones who have stored up prayer upon prayer, petition upon petition, the answers, My release, My breakthrough is getting ready to pour out. As those doors swing wider and wider, breakthrough is gaining momentum and pushing its way out to you. The sheer force of momentum is so powerful that you have to jump out of the way so that it does not over take you! But reach out. Grab hold! Because I am pouring out! Reach out with your faith. Reach out with your words. Reach out with your belief. Reach out with your obedience to the actions I impress upon you to take. Reach out and take hold! Breakthrough is pushing through!

Don't let past mistakes, don't let past hindrances disqualify you in your own mind. I am not disqualifying you. I am saying go back to that place where we walked together in faith, before a spirit of unbelief tried to steal you away. Let's pick up where we left off. It is time! It is time for breakthrough! Grab hold of the promise. It is time! Let's go!"  Kay Endsley

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and be encouraged and strengthened by His love and grace. May this holiday season be filled with His presence and a fresh breath from heaven bringing refreshing, joy and peace to you and your loved ones. 

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God's Good News Of The Gospel - His Covenant

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God sent His good news because of His faithfulness toward mankind. He sent Jesus as our covenant representative to become our sin and our blood sacrifice so we are now acceptable to Him. That was His love and faithfulness in action. He opened the door to intimacy and fellowship with the Father through the Holy Spirit. Understanding what God did for humanity also builds trust.

Now instead of working and striving to become like Him, He imparts Himself and His character into us, as we allow Him access to our lives. We now respond in love to His Word as He gives us grace to walk in His ways. He reshapes what matters to us by altering the intentions and motivations of our heart so they reflect Him.

The good news of the gospel is His invitation for us to enter into covenant with Him. We accept this covenant relationship knowing He is faithful. "If we are faithless, He remains faithful; for He cannot deny Himself " (2 Timothy 2:13). As we understand His covenant commitment to His Word, then we begin to walk in faith rather than anxiety, knowing He will fulfill His promises or blessings.

What a covenant! We enter in by faith, knowing we cannot do anything to make us righteous except to accept the fact that Jesus' death, burial and resurrection made us justified. Now, because of His love toward us and our love and thanksgiving to Him, we offer ourselves by devoting our life and love to pleasing Him. He then writes His word on our hearts, which begins to transform our thinking, emotions, character and behavior. That is His good news for us. We do not have to do everything. All we have to do is enter in and surrender to HIs love!

His covenant is incredibly good news!

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The Earth Is Shaking For The Sons Of God

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The following word was recently released at The Covenant Center. I hope it will encourage you to keep your eyes on Him and remember His love and faithfulness.

I hear the voices of My people crying out: "Oh God! What are You doing? Oh God, what is happening? Oh my God, where are You? Oh God, I don't understand?"

What are you looking at My children? What are you looking at and where are your eyes focusing? Are you focusing on the injustice? Are you focusing on the terror? Are you focusing on the devastation? The earth is shaking! The earth is shaking! It is shaking for the sons of God to arise. I am calling My sons and daughters forth. What have you studied for? What have you trained for? What have you planned for? What have you prayed for? What have you seen in your mind's eye? I am calling you forth. Do you not see it? Do you no sense it? Do you not understand it? For the earth is shaking for My glory to be released into this place that I have created, and I desire you to align with My plans and My purposes.

So, where is your hope? Where is your focus? For is it not written that I am the God of Hope? Am I not the God of Hope that loves His children and desires to give good gifts to them? Even in the chaos, even in the shaking, even in the alignments and realignments, know that I am there. Know that I feel your pain and know that I feel your suffering. But understand, is it not written that there is a greater purpose for what is coming - for what is taking place? And will I not pull you into My breast and comfort you and keep you and bring revelation to you? For I love you! I love you! I love you!

So as the earth shakes, I ask you one thing - keep your eyes on Me. When your spirit becomes troubled, when you become discouraged or dismayed, keep your eyes on Me. Keep your eyes on Me. Remember to always keep your eyes on Me.

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Let's Celebrate

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Now that we have passed through an intense time of introspection and repentance with the Lord during Rosh Hashanah and the Days of Awe, we move toward a time of celebration during the Feast of Tabernacles. We are thankful for all that God has done for us this past year and for His provision, grace, mercy, and revelation for the New Year!

I believe we have an opportunity to continue to increase our intimate relationship with the Lord and become more conscious of His heart and mind. As our awareness of His ways increase, it will change our perceptions of what He wants us to do by following Him.

There are so many distractions that occur in our lives, on the Internet, television, and the news that affect us emotionally and even spiritually. I believe the same tactic of the enemy is similar today as it was in the Garden. Use any technique possible to discredit God so we won't believe His love and not follow Him.

Since there is a relationship bond in the Semitic lands when one eats together, the enemy will always get us to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, because it eventually brings death. The opposite is to eat (an intimate relationship of love and obedience) from the Tree of Life (Jesus) that will bring truth and life.

The distractions in the world are incredible. The enemy wants us to determine what is good for us and what is evil. Therefore, we look at our desires as being equal to God's. The subtlety of believing our thoughts and desires are the same as His needs to be examined. It is a big decision, because it goes back to: "Do I follow my will and my desire, versus His will and desire for me?"

Decisions will be made this year. Hopefully, His written logos Word and His rhema words we receive in prayer will take priority, rather than the distractions that tempt us to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Let's celebrate as we enter this Hebraic New Year with joy and thanksgiving, that the Lord has given us the choice to live and love abundantly and intimately with Him!

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It's Not Where You Start - It's Where You Finish

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Recently after the destructive path of Hurricane Irma came through Florida and took out our power, exhausted from the stress of the storm and sticky humidity, oddly I found myself humming an upbeat show tune from the 70's entitled: "It's Not Where You Start It's Where You Finish." It must have been an angel whispering in my ear, because I've not thought of this song in years and our circumstances were less than ideal. Humming merrily I stopped and reflected for a moment on what I was actually singing. This was a song about perseverance and not giving up. God was speaking to me.

How often are we bombarded with events in various seasons of life that come in waves where all you can do is hold on and try to keep your head above water. You overcome one obstacle only to be hit with another one. Exhaustion and discouragement begin to set in. Here in Florida hurricane season is sometimes like that. One storm passes and another one forms. If you are breathing, you have probably also experienced seemingly out of control seasons. Our forefathers all walked through challenging times too. I can not think of one person in the Bible who didn't at some moment experience pain, suffering or loss. Even Jesus experienced moments of humiliation, extreme pain and rejection. It's just a fact of life that problems will surface living in this fallen world. And even though we all like to feel secure and in control of our future we only truly know today. Even our multitudinous questions regarding human suffering and evil are still debated and basically go unanswered. Where is God when I hurt? How could God make such an evil world? Why should I believe or follow God? Why do good people sometimes suffer while sin seems to go unpunished? Does God really watch over and protect His children?

I've pondered these questions since my head on car wreck by a drunken driver in 1975. It was on that rainy evening awakening in the hospital that I realized I was not immortal. I always come back to the same conclusion as Job. In my youth I looked at him as a very sad character. I hoped I would never experience any suffering. I mean really - it was only what Job experienced back in his day, right? It didn't have anything to do with me? God just allowed Job's testing to teach him some things. It just didn't seem relevant. Fast-forward now sixty years later and I now know that everything in scripture is relevant for today. It brings truth and revelation as well as comfort for the seasons you will eventually experience.

In my youth I had difficulty with Biblical stories, but through my journey I can look back and see my life has paralleled theirs. I've personally walked through times of questioning God and ignoring His mandates while murmuring and complaining just like the Israelites. I've experienced the pain and loneliness of waiting for His promises like Sarah. I've doubted like Thomas, and I've become undone in my sin, self righteousness and criticalness of others like Paul. But I've also looked into His face and sensed the depth of His unconditional love, and wept and repented as I poured myself out at His feet like Mary Magdalene. At times I've danced wildly and joyfully before Him filled with overwhelming joy and thanksgiving in His salvation, mercy, faithfulness, loving kindness, goodness and forgiveness like David. And like Job, I've experienced pain and loss that left me with more questions than answers.

I am now beginning to see more beauty in God visiting Job rather than what once seemed to be harsh punishment. Psalm 11:5 speaks of God testing the righteous, and if you are devoted to Him you will be tested. As a child I never wanted to believe that He tested His children. It was scary to me and seemed unloving and cruel. But I have come to understand that God's testing is not for Him, but for us. He already knows what is in our hearts. Just like in school the results of our tests reveal what we have learned. Tests are kind of like the dashboard of our car that lets us know what is under the hood. Through our testing and hardships, we find out how much we have grown in knowing Him and matured in Him. Over the years I have more insight with the wonderings of Job, and can now more clearly identify with his own questioning and final conclusions. Job eloquently shares with us his revelations from his own sufferings in his confession found in chapter 42. "I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted. Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge? Therefore, I have declared that which I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know. Hear now, and I will speak; I will ask You, and do what You instruct me. I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; but now my eye sees You. Therefore I retract and repent in dust and ashes."

God, through His stunning and sometimes painful work of transformation and sanctification, sometimes allows circumstances much like Job, to change us into more of His likeness and image. It is a work we cannot do ourselves. We may surrender to it, but it is a divine work by His hand through Holy Spirit. It is the narrow path, sprinkled with unknown situations that you may choose not to walk. And yet it is the road that will take you to a more intimate relationship and deeper understanding of Him and His ways.

Everyone comes to God as a child. Everyone is to be trained and taught to grow into maturity. Surrendering to Him and His plan for you is a great key to finishing well in life. The dark places of failure are where we exponentially grow and mature. As you run the race with God, remember that in Him it will end well. Like Job, it truly doesn't matter where you start, but it's where you finish that brings wisdom, understanding and maturity. Whatever you experience in His plan, He will redeem it. Whatever task He assigns, He will help you prosper and complete it. Whatever pain or loss you walk through, He will bring healing, wisdom and truth. He will teach you to trust Him. Through out your life He will walk with you. He will help guide and direct you, so you by His great grace and excellence will finish well.

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The Fall Feast - God's Appointed Time

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We find described in Leviticus 23 God's feasts or His appointed times of celebration and consecration. The fall feast is a season when God wanted His people to learn to rest in Him. The Feast of Passover teaches about God's peace; the Feast of Pentecost instructs us on God's power; and the Feast of Tabernacles gives understanding about God's rest.

The dates for this Fall, 2017 are:

Rosh Hashanna (Feast of Trumpets) Beginning of the New Year - September 21st - 22nd
Days of Awe - include the 10 days from Rosh Hashanna to Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) A day of fasting - Sept. 30th
Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles/Booths - October 7th - 12th

Even though the days previous to the feast were a time of repentance and reflection, the Feast of Tabernacles celebrated the final ingathering of the harvest which God had blessed the people with for the year. The fruit of the land had been reaped, so the people could rest from their harvesting labors. It was a time of great rejoicing! They would celebrate and thank God in advance for the next harvest.

This feast emphasized a rest with the Lord, however it did not necessarily mean to literally lay down and do nothing. Rest meant to continue to be intimate with Him, staying involved in the normal work of the Kingdom, while continuing with their occupation, family, study, prayer and ministry.

I believe God is doing many things behind the scenes during this time of restoration and reconciliation. My wife Becky recently prophesied that "Things are fixin' to change!"  And several months ago I received a vision with a pumpkin and a huge stick of dynamite stuck inside. I believe during this Fall season, God is going to move in a great way, affecting not only the seven mountains, but His people individually as well. I do not know how it will play out, but I know there is a correction coming to level out the playing field and to begin to restore what has been stolen from His people.

Let's celebrate His Fall Feast looking forward to this New Year!

In His beautiful love,

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The Pen Of A Ready Writer

For a few months now I have had impressions that God desires for His creativity to flow through His people afresh. We know He is always releasing a divine flow of His Spirit, but now there seems to be a release of His extraordinary grace to those feeling called to write and create, also for those who have not quite completed their projects or assignments. I believe God is now activating in an accelerated way as He sends out a clarion call to take up the pen and write. We have stepped into a season to clearly hear from heaven and accomplish the assignment and call by His great grace being released and available to help you complete the task placed within your heart. 

I was awakened last weekend from a deliciously sound sleep, when I heard Holy Spirit whisper, "The pen of the ready writer. It's time for My people to pick up the pen." I thought that was all He wanted to say so I laid my head on my pillow, closed my eyes and expected to return to sleep, when He continued to speak. I haven't had a visit from Him for a while where I knew He had something very special to talk about. So I picked up my pad and pen and from 1:30 to 5:30 I sat with Him as He shared. With the time He spent with me I believe this is a pivotal moment for many. 

First, even though I have been the recipient of the term "ready writer" spoken over me, honestly, I have never really investigated it. But this night was different. As I opened my Bible, I was taken to Psalm 45:1. There was written the words, "My heart overflows with a pleasing theme; I address my verses to the king; my tongue is like the pen of a ready (skillful) scribe." This verse denotes the workings of David's heart, which was passionate and fervent, kindled by God's grace and inspired by Holy Spirit.

Upon further reflection I heard the quiet voice of Holy Spirit encouraging His people to write, create, compose, develop, and remember that skills develop by doing the work. He showed me books, novels, teaching manuals and materials, song lyrics, music scores, paintings, buildings, furniture, videos, movies, even games and comic books and more. The vision of all that is created by His grace and inspiration continued to flow. It was overwhelming, the many things He is waiting to release through the one who will sit with Him and be guided by His hand. I sensed the excitement and heart of a Father encouraging and guiding His children to explore, take risks and step out to release the dream He has seeded in their heart. Then He asked the following questions: What has the Lord placed on your heart? What have you experienced? What are you going through? What truth has He shown you to share? God is releasing His plans and creativity, and His impartation and activation is flowing afresh in this season. What vision has he given to you to draw, paint, develop or compose? What piece of furniture or design will you create or produce? What scientific understanding will you study and explore which will bring knowledge and understanding? What have you been called to build? What song, poetry or prose do you hear in your head and heart to release? What picture do you see in your mind's eye to express? Will you give expression to His impression so He may flow through you?

The excitement and expectancy of all He was sharing soon turned to a sense of concern and sadness. As I waited before Him I began to sense His heart, longing like a parent waiting for their child to recognize the gifts within them. The proud parent who sees the gift their child carries, and yet the child for either lack of understanding or fear of reprisal or rejection allows the treasure to remain dormant and untapped. And then I heard Him say: "My people are hindered by comparisons. Comparisons are good for science and research, but not for My people. How can you compare the voice I have given you to another's voice? Each of My children have been given their own voice and without their voice and without their voice released, someone must wait for an answer. Someone must wait for encouragement or hope, direction, counsel, guidance, support, truth, or simply the love and peace of words that soothe their soul."

These words reminded me of His call over 40 years ago for Richard and I to enter ministry, serving wherever needed in churches and later initiating a Bible study with training on hearing His voice. Even though we knew He had asked us to begin these small groups we were still surprised as we watched Him assign and bring people together forming a beautiful kingdom family now called The Covenant Center. I was taken back to the challenges we faced, sprinkled with accusations, some criticism and even scoffing. Who do they think they are? What do they know? What is their pedigree? Have they lost their minds? Why would they sacrifice their jobs and degrees - give up their incomes and security to do this? Sometimes we both looked at each other and asked the same question: "What are we doing?" The path was strewn with hardship, long hours, much sacrifice coupled with sadness and pain. We had friends who could no longer walk with us. There were even family members who could no longer support our path. Encouraged by God to keep our eyes on Him alone, we simply got up each day attending to what was required within our ability and watched God breathe on what He desired, which developed into a community I could never have imagined, with experiences and precious friendships as sweet fruit.

At our recent Covenant-U graduation, Don Franklin made a statement that deeply confirmed my impressions. He said: "You know the Apostle Paul didn't know he was writing the epistles or writing books of the Bible. He simply obeyed the Lord and expressed what God directed." How true that still is today! None of the people knew they were composing something of great value. They lived their lives and gave expression to their experiences and impressions. I was reminded of the great music that was composed centuries ago, yet upon debut, they were sometimes met with criticism and stamped as a failure. And yet today, many of those enriching symphonies are played continually throughout the world touching hearts and the souls of men. The gift they expressed didn't meet expectations or approval of the times, and yet they still live on. This can be said for paintings, films, inventions, designs, plays and theatre productions, and so much more. Aren't we grateful these people didn't give up and held onto their pen even though often faced with hardship and sometimes despair?

Our Father is asking you to acknowledge the impression you are unable to dismiss; the call to give expression to the seed He has planted within you. What is Holy Spirit revealing in your life? It may come through your personal experiences, emotions, scripture, revelations, sensing or discovering the magnificent world that surrounds you. You may gain insight, revelation or specific knowledge and understanding He presents to you. As you acknowledge the call in your heart, begin to prioritize time with Him and allow Him to guide you into understanding, which will lead to expressing the gift in your heart. Make a decision to give time to develop what is in your hand. Understand you will be met with opposition and ask for strength to persevere. There will will be days you may feel like giving up or that you are standing alone. Remember each morning comes with a fresh beginning and new mercies. Choose to be bold. Take a step forward, share and attend to the vision in your heart. It will surely, in it's season blossom forth, bringing encouragement and life to the one for which it was designed.

"Father, help us to recognize the gifts and callings You have placed within us. Give us understanding to your divine impressions. Help us know when and how to release what You have deposited within. May we always release the divine through Your eyes and heart of love, so that it may land safely in the hearts of others."




Looking Forward to This Year!

Hello Covenant Center family and friends! Becky and I and our TCC staff have had a restful month of July. We hope you have also found time to hit the beach, travel, relax and spend some quality time with Him, as well as each other. I am excited to share with you our schedule of activities as we step into a new year with Fall classes, Community Break Out Nights, School of the Prophets, Sunday Celebrations, Worship, Prayer, and continuation of our Covenant U School of Ministry classes. 

We will begin each week as usual with our worship and celebration meetings on Sunday mornings. Starting this Wednesday, August 2nd, our Community Break Out Night will commence again with fun, fellowship, small group discussions, classes and prayer, including Pre-K, Youth, and Teens to Adults. It's always great to get a cup of coffee, meet with the family, have Q and A in a relaxed environment as we learn more about God, the Scriptures and the practical application of the Gifts of the Spirit. Some of the break out classes for adults will be Hearing God with Wanda Hollingsworth, A Study of Genesis with Bob and Pat Stark, fellowship with Sarah Galarza and more to come. 

Our School of the Prophets is expanding with Cathy Lechner, Don Franklin, Glenn Miller, and Randi Lechner beginning August 3rd with Cathy Lechner's meeting. Don's meeting will take place on the 2nd Friday of each month; Glenn will be the 3rd Friday of each month; and Randi will meet the 4th Friday of each month. Cathy Lechner's meeting will begin this Thursday, August 3rd and continue each first Thursday of the month for this year. Each Prophet brings their own curriculum and teaching on how to hear from God and move in the gifts with godly character. 

I'd like to mention that our Covenant U graduates will receive their licensing or ordination Saturday, August 12th, at 7pm. These graduates have faithfully attended the school classes on Monday nights to gain knowledge and training regarding Spiritual Roots, Hebraic Thought, Knowing God, and developing skills for Spiritual Leadership. Our Covenant U School of Ministry classes will get underway Monday, September 11th at 7pm. If you have questions please contact our office at 863-802-5171.

This is going to be a great year! I believe Holy Spirit is going to continue to bring revelation, truth and a fresh level of divine love that will change hearts, bringing a desire to know Him more.

Things Are Fixin' To Change!

This past Pentecost Sunday, June 4th, during our Covenant Center worship, we experienced a beautiful manifestation of Holy Spirit as He spoke in His love and power. Our entire Sunday celebration was filled with His expression as He came and rearranged the flow of our meeting. It was a stunning experience and display of the Book of Acts and Pentecost as God touched each person intimately, with spiritual songs, dance, the release of prophesy, tongues, interpretation and revelation. Being in God's presence brought refreshing, hope, renewed vision and strength to all. The following word was shared during worship. May this word bring life and encourage you with renewed hope. 

We come to celebrate Him and He always meets us in such startling and extraordinary ways. But I heard the Spirit of the Lord declare as I stepped into this room today: "Things are fixin' to change!" I said, "What Lord?" And He again said: "Things are fixin' to change!" And then He said the sweetest thing. He said, I'm so proud of this family that I have birthed and brought together. I'm so delighted! Look around. They have stood with Me in darkness; they have stood with Me in loss and pain. They have stood with Me and trusted Me through it all. What good Father would not give good gifts to His children? And how sweet it is to watch a child, a babe, when he takes his first steps and begins to walk. What a thrill it is - the first step, even when he falls. The joy of watching him; stand on their feet and begin to walk and run. What joy that is to Me.

And I say to you: How can one understand the mountain if there is no valley? How can one understand the glory of light until they have stood in darkness? How can one understand My miracle working power when they have not experienced pain or loss? How can they understand My gift of prosperity and life if they have not walked through the valley of the shadow of death? These things are not meant to harm you. These things are meant to teach you and train  you. These things are meant for you to become the light of the world. For in the coming days, as the earth grows darker, you will be My temples and houses of light and prosperity and healing and joy. Fear not! Fear not! I come to protect you, for you walk in My covenant of peace. I bring to you health and life, prosperity and healing, and you have joy when you recognize My hand is upon you. Oh, but I hear you say: God, it's taken so long! Why has it taken so long? Do you think there was not celebration at the pool that day, the years, the 38 years the paralytic sat by that pool waiting for My touch? Time is of no essence to Me. I know it feels that way to you, but has it not been written that those that wait upon Me shall be renewed, shall be healed, shall be restored, shall be given life abundantly? So understand, even though there was a ten-year lawsuit, even though it has taken twenty years to put in place the proper applications and positioning in this house - things are fixin' to change! And I ask you one thing as the blessings come; yes, as the blessings come - please My beloved, always remember where I've brought you from and what I have done for you. Remember... Remember...And let your testimonies fill the airwaves of the earth with My glory and My faithfulness.

Now receive! Receive! Receive Me! Receive Me! Receive of Me! I love you. I love you My children. As a Father I've watched you stumble. I've watched you fall. Oh, but the joy I've had in watching you get up again, and try again. And I have been growing and strengthening a back bone of steel in you to stand. For in the coming days you will stand, and at your hands My glory will be released. And people will come to you for they will know that you have heard from heaven and can bring guidance into their lives. So nothing you have experienced has been in vain and everything will be redeemed. Receive of Me. Celebrate with Me. This is a joyful day because it's time for things to change. It's time for things to change. Things are fixin' to change!

In HIs love,