During our Wednesday night Hearing God class on March 3, 2017 at The Covenant Center, Don Franklin released the following word. God is speaking and desiring to reveal Himself to you; and I pray He will give you eyes to see and ears to hear His desires for this time and season in the earth. Love and blessings to you - Becky

"I'm going to give it to the meek and lowly at heart, to those who are on their faces before Me crying out for what I want. There are preconceived ideas in other groups that are not in line with what I want. And the Lord said, I will not once again hand over the power and anointing of God to a group that's going to take it astray. I am looking for a people that will listen to Me, walk with Me, and do it the way that I want it done.

And God says, stand up if you want to be counted. Stand up in the Spirit. Stand up and call upon Me. I am a fair and equal opportunity employer. Say not I am small; I am too weak; I don't have this; I don't have that. You have Me. And My Spirit is hovering over this city and I am testing men and women. And I am checking out hearts and I am looking for those who will come strong after Me, and will obey Me and listen to Me. The Lord said, this thing is not settled yet.

Call on Me. I will show you great and mighty things that you know not of. I'm sifting out the hearts of men before My judgement seat. Oh, be swift my soul to answer Him; be jubilant my feet. I'm calling and an knocking; I am seeking; I am walking the streets of this city looking for men and women who will obey Me and listen to Me and do it the way I want it done.

I am looking to nest. I am looking for a home. I'm looking for a place to land, and to tabernacle and to abide, and to nurture. I am looking for a hospital; I'm looking for a place to bring the sick and the wounded - those that need the grace, and the mercy, and the hand of God. I'm looking for a place to tabernacle where My Spirit can have free rein. It's not over yet.

Was not My Son born in Bethlehem? He did not come out of Jerusalem. He came out of a manger, in a small place. Do I not love the meek and the lowly? Have I not said that I Am the high and lofty One who inhabits eternity, whose Name is Holy and I dwell with those who have a meek and a contrite heart? Am I not attracted to the smallest one in the family - a little boy named David?

There's a humility that resides within the Godhead that the church does not understand. I am not arrogant; I am not proud; I am not looking to show off. In fact, the other attributes are exactly what I am. I am meek and lowly of heart. Jesus said, if you've seen Me, you've seen the Father. He did not boast; He did not brag; He did not show off. He was not trying to prove anything to anyone. He was simply being the manifestation of God.

So, know this, the meeker you are, the lowlier you are, the kinder you are, the more you attract the power, the anointing, the angelic realm of God. The Lord said, I'm looking for another manger. I'm looking for a Bethlehem. I've had my fill of Jerusalem. Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly of heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

Competition is of the enemy. This is not a competition, although many have turned it into a competition - a boasting and bragging love fest. Who has the most of this? Who has that? How many did it seat? How many are there, and on and on it goes. It has nothing to do with My kingdom and that's why My moving in those places is limited. They limit the Holy One of Israel; they limit the Holy One of Israel all the time thinking they are doing Me a favor, when they are actually, blocking what I really want to do. That's why I don't move; that's why I'm not flowing.

I'm looking for the right place - the right manger, the right people. Heaven desires to move; heaven is hungry to touch, heal, to bring in. It is man that binds the hand of the Lord. When the Lord went into His hometown, He could not heal. It was man that blocked what He wanted to do. And again, and again, and again I have been blocked when I wanted to move in certain places, and I continue to be blocked. But the Lord said, I am going to open up portals and places where there are mangers and where there are those who have learned to walk in meekness and the holiness and the submission to God.

So, know this - it's wide-open; it's wide-open; it's wide-open. Many places have formalized and crystalized in their structure and i will not be able to move like this through them. I will move to the limit that they let Me move. But I have laws that limit Me from moving through denominations and congregations, even free flowing places that think they are moving in a direction that will be pleasing to Me. I cannot move because of inborn attitudes and "What will happen down the road if I do?" Therefore, I hold back no matter how many times they cut themselves, cry, and fall, and pray. The Lord says, I am hindered by their very inner attitudes.

Look deep into the heart of the scriptures and see what Bethlehem was like, what David was like, what the Lord Himself was like. This is where you'll fine Me flowing. The Syrophoenician woman is the key; when she was insulted, she ducked under and humbled herself. Humble yourself in front of the Almighty and I will answer with fire upon your altar.

I am desiring to move in this House; I'm desiring to move among you; I am desiring to pour out My Spirit on this group. Just humble yourselves before Me and call on Me; call on Me; call on Me. As you go through your days, call on Me from the inner spirit of your heart. Hannah never said a word out loud and I gave Samuel. You don't have to get bold; you don't have to get loud.

I will raise up those who have an anointing for this, but it is not for everyone. Call on Me night and day from your heart, and the Lord says, I will answer with fire - first in your heart and then in a congregational setting. I'm desiring to move; I'm desiring to move; I'm desiring a new move, a new structure, a new way of presenting even the Gospel, not only to this city, but to the globe. You are already in the future.

Let those that have what they have, go with what they have. But look to Me, saith God; it's a new thing that I am doing, and yet it's as old as the hills of Jerusalem. Well done, My good and faithful servants; enter thou into the joy of the Lord and find the Kingdom of God as it was intended to be lived and preached. Angels are hovering over this place, waiting, waiting, waiting. Don Franklin