For a few months now I have had impressions that God desires for His creativity to flow through His people afresh. We know He is always releasing a divine flow of His Spirit, but now there seems to be a release of His extraordinary grace to those feeling called to write and create, also for those who have not quite completed their projects or assignments. I believe God is now activating in an accelerated way as He sends out a clarion call to take up the pen and write. We have stepped into a season to clearly hear from heaven and accomplish the assignment and call by His great grace being released and available to help you complete the task placed within your heart. 

I was awakened last weekend from a deliciously sound sleep, when I heard Holy Spirit whisper, "The pen of the ready writer. It's time for My people to pick up the pen." I thought that was all He wanted to say so I laid my head on my pillow, closed my eyes and expected to return to sleep, when He continued to speak. I haven't had a visit from Him for a while where I knew He had something very special to talk about. So I picked up my pad and pen and from 1:30 to 5:30 I sat with Him as He shared. With the time He spent with me I believe this is a pivotal moment for many. 

First, even though I have been the recipient of the term "ready writer" spoken over me, honestly, I have never really investigated it. But this night was different. As I opened my Bible, I was taken to Psalm 45:1. There was written the words, "My heart overflows with a pleasing theme; I address my verses to the king; my tongue is like the pen of a ready (skillful) scribe." This verse denotes the workings of David's heart, which was passionate and fervent, kindled by God's grace and inspired by Holy Spirit.

Upon further reflection I heard the quiet voice of Holy Spirit encouraging His people to write, create, compose, develop, and remember that skills develop by doing the work. He showed me books, novels, teaching manuals and materials, song lyrics, music scores, paintings, buildings, furniture, videos, movies, even games and comic books and more. The vision of all that is created by His grace and inspiration continued to flow. It was overwhelming, the many things He is waiting to release through the one who will sit with Him and be guided by His hand. I sensed the excitement and heart of a Father encouraging and guiding His children to explore, take risks and step out to release the dream He has seeded in their heart. Then He asked the following questions: What has the Lord placed on your heart? What have you experienced? What are you going through? What truth has He shown you to share? God is releasing His plans and creativity, and His impartation and activation is flowing afresh in this season. What vision has he given to you to draw, paint, develop or compose? What piece of furniture or design will you create or produce? What scientific understanding will you study and explore which will bring knowledge and understanding? What have you been called to build? What song, poetry or prose do you hear in your head and heart to release? What picture do you see in your mind's eye to express? Will you give expression to His impression so He may flow through you?

The excitement and expectancy of all He was sharing soon turned to a sense of concern and sadness. As I waited before Him I began to sense His heart, longing like a parent waiting for their child to recognize the gifts within them. The proud parent who sees the gift their child carries, and yet the child for either lack of understanding or fear of reprisal or rejection allows the treasure to remain dormant and untapped. And then I heard Him say: "My people are hindered by comparisons. Comparisons are good for science and research, but not for My people. How can you compare the voice I have given you to another's voice? Each of My children have been given their own voice and without their voice and without their voice released, someone must wait for an answer. Someone must wait for encouragement or hope, direction, counsel, guidance, support, truth, or simply the love and peace of words that soothe their soul."

These words reminded me of His call over 40 years ago for Richard and I to enter ministry, serving wherever needed in churches and later initiating a Bible study with training on hearing His voice. Even though we knew He had asked us to begin these small groups we were still surprised as we watched Him assign and bring people together forming a beautiful kingdom family now called The Covenant Center. I was taken back to the challenges we faced, sprinkled with accusations, some criticism and even scoffing. Who do they think they are? What do they know? What is their pedigree? Have they lost their minds? Why would they sacrifice their jobs and degrees - give up their incomes and security to do this? Sometimes we both looked at each other and asked the same question: "What are we doing?" The path was strewn with hardship, long hours, much sacrifice coupled with sadness and pain. We had friends who could no longer walk with us. There were even family members who could no longer support our path. Encouraged by God to keep our eyes on Him alone, we simply got up each day attending to what was required within our ability and watched God breathe on what He desired, which developed into a community I could never have imagined, with experiences and precious friendships as sweet fruit.

At our recent Covenant-U graduation, Don Franklin made a statement that deeply confirmed my impressions. He said: "You know the Apostle Paul didn't know he was writing the epistles or writing books of the Bible. He simply obeyed the Lord and expressed what God directed." How true that still is today! None of the people knew they were composing something of great value. They lived their lives and gave expression to their experiences and impressions. I was reminded of the great music that was composed centuries ago, yet upon debut, they were sometimes met with criticism and stamped as a failure. And yet today, many of those enriching symphonies are played continually throughout the world touching hearts and the souls of men. The gift they expressed didn't meet expectations or approval of the times, and yet they still live on. This can be said for paintings, films, inventions, designs, plays and theatre productions, and so much more. Aren't we grateful these people didn't give up and held onto their pen even though often faced with hardship and sometimes despair?

Our Father is asking you to acknowledge the impression you are unable to dismiss; the call to give expression to the seed He has planted within you. What is Holy Spirit revealing in your life? It may come through your personal experiences, emotions, scripture, revelations, sensing or discovering the magnificent world that surrounds you. You may gain insight, revelation or specific knowledge and understanding He presents to you. As you acknowledge the call in your heart, begin to prioritize time with Him and allow Him to guide you into understanding, which will lead to expressing the gift in your heart. Make a decision to give time to develop what is in your hand. Understand you will be met with opposition and ask for strength to persevere. There will will be days you may feel like giving up or that you are standing alone. Remember each morning comes with a fresh beginning and new mercies. Choose to be bold. Take a step forward, share and attend to the vision in your heart. It will surely, in it's season blossom forth, bringing encouragement and life to the one for which it was designed.

"Father, help us to recognize the gifts and callings You have placed within us. Give us understanding to your divine impressions. Help us know when and how to release what You have deposited within. May we always release the divine through Your eyes and heart of love, so that it may land safely in the hearts of others."