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We find described in Leviticus 23 God's feasts or His appointed times of celebration and consecration. The fall feast is a season when God wanted His people to learn to rest in Him. The Feast of Passover teaches about God's peace; the Feast of Pentecost instructs us on God's power; and the Feast of Tabernacles gives understanding about God's rest.

The dates for this Fall, 2017 are:

Rosh Hashanna (Feast of Trumpets) Beginning of the New Year - September 21st - 22nd
Days of Awe - include the 10 days from Rosh Hashanna to Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) A day of fasting - Sept. 30th
Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles/Booths - October 7th - 12th

Even though the days previous to the feast were a time of repentance and reflection, the Feast of Tabernacles celebrated the final ingathering of the harvest which God had blessed the people with for the year. The fruit of the land had been reaped, so the people could rest from their harvesting labors. It was a time of great rejoicing! They would celebrate and thank God in advance for the next harvest.

This feast emphasized a rest with the Lord, however it did not necessarily mean to literally lay down and do nothing. Rest meant to continue to be intimate with Him, staying involved in the normal work of the Kingdom, while continuing with their occupation, family, study, prayer and ministry.

I believe God is doing many things behind the scenes during this time of restoration and reconciliation. My wife Becky recently prophesied that "Things are fixin' to change!"  And several months ago I received a vision with a pumpkin and a huge stick of dynamite stuck inside. I believe during this Fall season, God is going to move in a great way, affecting not only the seven mountains, but His people individually as well. I do not know how it will play out, but I know there is a correction coming to level out the playing field and to begin to restore what has been stolen from His people.

Let's celebrate His Fall Feast looking forward to this New Year!

In His beautiful love,

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