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While in prayer on Sunday Morning at The Covenant Center, May 26, 2019, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say:

I am the Great Maestro! I am the Great Maestro! I am the Conductor of the Universe and all things bow to My name. Do you think that I am caught by surprise by events and situations and even trials that you must walk through? Do you think that I am not aware when evil and darkness must come to My throne to ask permission to do anything in this world, in this universe? No! I am not surprised and yet I hear My children, My people often saying, “Why, why, why, why, God?”  as they also said many years before. I heard their cries with Noah, I heard their cries with Abraham, I heard their cries with Moses. Why?  But My plans are far  greater than your understanding can imagine. I am doing a great work in the earth. I’m doing a great work in the universe. Open your eyes, listen with your ears. Allow My Spirit to flow through you which will allow you to see the magnificence of My actions. Yes, there are people that are martyred in my name. Has it not been said so in Scripture? And yes, even today that we celebrate those who were martyred in the name of freedom, is that not what My Son stood for? Freedom! But the freedom that comes by My Spirit is much different than the world.

So I say to you My beloved, do not look at the world and do not weigh your importance or your actions by what the world says is important. Sit with Me, continue to run with Me, speak with Me, study with Me, walk with Me, and let Me continue to reveal My secrets and the keys to My Kingdom. For even though it looks dark around you, I am with you. Does it not say that I am with you always? I am with you and I am moving on your behalf. And I am bringing healing and life to you, and wholeness. So, shall it be in this world as it also is in My Kingdom! So, do not fret, do not worry, do not be disconcerted by events around you for you will see in the coming days and you will look back and go “Oh, oh, oh!  Oh Father, Oh my Lord, You had it all under control all the time.” So receive today, My love. Receive an indwelling. Allow Me to become a habitation within you where I will be with you always, and you will sense My manifest presence. I will bring you peace and life through whatever you walk through. Let Me guide you in your jobs. Let Me guide you in those that you meet - the divine appointments. Let Me guide you through your day.

So again I ask and remind you, know that I am with you. Know that I am the Conductor of the universe and I know where you are and I know who you are and I know you by name and I know the events that take place in your life. And you will see and you will sense My hand and My love wrapped around you, guiding you, guarding you, and encouraging you till the day you come home to see Me face to face.

I am the Conductor of the universe. I am the Great Maestro. Rejoice in Me that nothing is too great for Me and nothing has taken Me by surprise. 

We thank you Father that you know who we are and you know each one of us by name. We thank you that you are doing a great work in the earth and your desire is to prosper each one of your children, and have them be in health, even as our souls prosper. Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord!

In His Love,

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