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While in prayer on Sunday Morning at The Covenant Center, May 19, 2019, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say:

Whose report do you believe? I ask you, Whose report do you believe? Do you believe Me? Do you believe My word? Do you know that, yes, sorrow comes but there is still joy in the morning? I’m setting you up, I’m setting you up for miracles in your life. I’m setting you up for promotion. Yes, the season has been hard. Training is hard, challenges are hard, gathering wisdom and understanding often comes through pain, but I am setting you up for promotion. Who do you think that that I am? I ask you beloved, who do you think that I am? Do you think that I have not created you before the world began? Do you think that I have not given you favor? Do you think that I am not the One who promotes you? Do you think I am not the One who prospers you? Do you think I am not the One who heals you? Do you think I am not the One who orders your steps? The darkness and the enemy would come to torment you. There are many that are being tormented in this day. I haven’t done it! You say “ I’ve missed it, He’s not with me anymore, why is He not speaking to me? I guess I’ve missed it. I guess He doesn’t love me. I guess it was never real. I guess He’s not real.”  But I say to you, I am real and I created you for My divine purpose, and it shall be so because what I start I finish. And I ask you today, who do you believe? What do you believe? And as I spoke to My disciples I said to them, Believe in Me. Trust Me, for I am with you always. Believe in Me and know that I am with you and I have good things planned for you and I plan to prosper you, I plan to give you favor. But know that some things take time because I am not throwing you together for you to lose or to fail. I am building you to be victorious.

So, even though at times it may seem like suffering, and even though at times it may seem I am quiet, know that I am with you always! I am with you always, And in time I will unfold the plan in your life and you will see Me prosper you because you believe in Me.and you are Mine. Do you sense the wind? The wind is blowing! The breath of My Spirit is blowing!  You’ve entered a new season. Feel the wind blowing upon you and your family. Feel the wind blowing upon the embers of the passion that has softened or died because of the hardships you’ve gone through. I’m blowing on those embers (blowing into the mic). Be revived! I’m sending My angelic host - be revived, be revived, be revived. Be revived with the vision I gave you. Be revived with the gifts that I’ve given you. Be revived with the hope that I’ve placed within you and imparted to you. Be revived in My love. For this is a new day!  I know, I know, you’ve heard new day, new day, new day. But it is a new day for you! Even though your schedule may not look like the schedule of others, I ask you, don’t compare! Don’t compare! This is not a competition. I’m dealing with you individually. I’m dealing with your life, I’m dealing with your family, I’m answering your prayers. Look to Me. Trust Me. Believe in Me. For I have not left you, and you will see things begin to spring forth and you will say, “Thank You, Lord, it is well with You.  It is well with my soul.” 

So rejoice and give Me praise because I am the God that is more than enough. I am the King of the Universe and you will see Me move on your behalf. 

Thank you Lord for your love and provision. That you guide us and walk with us. Thank you that you have plans not to harm us but to give us hope. Thank you that you walk with us and guide us even in uncharted waters and even in darkness. Lord, we believe and ask you to help us with any unbelief. We choose to trust you and place our hope in you. Help us to sense the wind of your Spirit and see with Spirit eyes your plans and purposes. Thank you that all provision comes from you - that you are our supply. Thank you Lord that you are always with us. We rejoice in your loving kindness and goodness. We thank You, Lord!

Be blessed in His love and grace!

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