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I believe we have had a beautiful month of July, resting and spending time with our families and time with God. I've heard great reports of special vacations as well as catching up on projects, traveling, mission trips, and more. As we enter August, students and teachers will not only be getting ready for another school year, but our Covenant Center meetings and activities will also commence.

The following is a short review of some of our activities. Be sure and check our website for our calendar and additional information, as well as our Facebook site "The Covenant Center." We will be having our special yearly Covenant U graduation August 18th at 6:00pm. This is always a special time for our graduates celebrating their achievements and licensing.

Sundays - 9 am Prayer time with Dan Koerner; 10:00 am Celebration Meeting including worship, sharing, releasing and teaching and classes for our youth.

Mondays - Covenant U begins September 10th. Please call our office for an application and class schedule - 863-802-5171.

Wednesdays - 6:00 pm prayer and 7:00pm - Community Break Out Night which includes:
                                         7pm - Youth Meeting plus childcare
                                                    Hearing God - Adults
                                                    Women Connect - Adult Women

Fridays - 7:00pm School of the Prophets with:
                                                     2nd Friday - Don Franklin
                                                     3rd Friday - Glenn Miller
                                                     4th Friday - Randi Lechner

To check for dates and times of our other activities such as Nights of Worship, Nights of Art, Men's Roundtable and other small groups and prayer times, go to our website: and click on Events to access the monthly calendar.

We are looking forward to a great year as we continue to develop relationship with God, fellowship with one another, and carry His presence into the land serving others. We thank you Lord for the healings and miracles we have experienced as a community and we look forward to this coming Rosh Hashanah as we celebrate the new year and experience the fullness of your Covenant of Peace!


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