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The following vision by Vanderly Arnold is such a precious picture of not only our Covenant Center family but I believe a beautiful prophetic picture of the marvelous design of God's Kingdom and His people. I hope you are encouraged and enjoy this delightful picture of the diversity in the unity of God's family. 

During worship on the Sunday of our 20th anniversary of The Covenant Center, I experienced an open vision. In front of me I saw vibrant green earth and it was covered with birds of every kind from every part of the world! Each bird was spreading and flapping their wings, sometimes jumping a bit off the ground - almost dancing. Their faces emitted such joy that matched the passion of their movement. The vision was so vibrant and colorful! I heard a sound from the sky and the sound moved and swirled by the wind in the canopy of trees. As the sound moved through the layers of the tree canopy, the sound would touch the leaves and separate into different sheets of music, creating more sound and texture. The sound moved like wind but did not sound like wind; it had its own unique set of high pitches.

The birds were clustered together, flapping and moving, but as the sound reach them they moved even more emphatically with strong bursting flaps and jumps. A falcon stood next to a displayed peacock and the peacock stood beside a hopping Yellow Finch, that stood among dancing white pelicans, that bumped into a yapping and clapping toucan. There was ever bird imaginable! At face-value, the picture seemed silly and goofy, almost obnoxious, but when you stood back, the sight was magnificent and beautiful - full of beauty, color and joy!

I asked God, "What am I looking at?" He replied: "You are looking at your community! This is The Covenant Center! Isn't it beautiful? This is what I see when I look at you. Do you see and feel all the joy and passion? This is what I feel when I watch you; and what sets apart this community is that not only do you love Me, not only do you worship Me, but you hear My sounds of heaven. But not only do you hear it, you respond to it! You move according to how I move! And this makes you love Me all the more!

Look at my falcons, raptors and eagles! My wrens, cardinals and finches! My mocking birds, owls, woodpeckers and quail! My pelicans, storks, gulls and geese! My parrots, toucans and cockatoos! My swans! My hummingbirds! Look at each of you. Each of you are so different in how you come but collectively, you come! You come to love Me. You worship Me. You hear Me and respond to Me. Each one of you have a distinct role as a part of this community. Each one hears Me and responds to Me in how I created them. In the same way each bird is still a bird; they are different and unique in how I have created them to be a bird. And so it is for The Covenant Center. This is what I see, and I adore what I see! I absolutely love you! And as a result of your coming together, there is so much love and so much beauty and color, and so much joy! I love what I see and I love you!"

This vision stands apart in one of the most vibrantly colorful and passionate pictures God has ever gifted my eyes to see. I felt so beautiful and loved by God when I looked upon my community! It was a bit silly, a little obnoxious, but there was lots of enthusiasm and passion we collectively had for our Lord. Without trying, we really are unique, and the key is we come together to love and worship God, and we move to the sound of His voice accordingly. Each bird has a different role that is represented in our community:

Birds of Prey -  Raptor is Latin and it means, "to seize" and "to take by force." There are those of us who by the faith of God go after what has been stolen and go after and destroy the works of the enemy. If you resonate with that, then you are a bird of prey in this vision.

Calling Birds - These are my messengers to share with the community as well as send out beyond; a fresh perspective and revelation of God's truth. Are you a messenger of God? Then you are one of His calling birds.

Song Birds - These are the worshippers in the house of God that lead us to respond to the sound of God within us and around us. Are you designed to worship? Then you are a Song Bird among us.

Backyard Birds -  Both Calling Birds and Song Birds are backyard birds. These birds are designed to mate for life, stick together and keep rebuilding their homes and raising families. Backyard Birds are the ones who say I'm committed to my spouse. I'm committed to my family and I'm committed to covenantal relationships. If you are one of those in this community, we need you as an example of honor in relationships.

Peacocks - This is the artistry, creativity and beauty of God among us, that helps bring the community to an intimate encounter with God as we are captivated by His beauty. Does this resonate with how God designed you? The you are a peacock among us.

Water Birds - These birds were affectionately the most adorably obnoxious. These are the birds that understand the vitality in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They immerse themselves in a spirit-filled lifestyle, because they know the joy that comes from being totally dependent on the Holy Spirit. I want to be a Water Bird!

Tropical Birds  - These birds demonstrate God's love and His transcendence ways that move us into deeper freedom with Him. God desires to move beyond our limiting box of thinking and expectations. He longs to transcend beyond our imagination. You only see God as this "one way"? You think God will only do " this or that?" These birds represent those in our community that come in and want to impact our minds and hearts with His love and freedom! Vanderly Arnold

In HIs love,

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