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May 2018 Course Schedule

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7:00 Hebraic Thought
HT-303 - Do Jewish Roots Apply

Understanding our Jewish roots has tremendous application for us today.  Not only a biblical, historical, and cultural study; but it also explores the Hebraic way of thinking.  Students will reexamine their Jewish roots, which will help attain a lifestyle more in tune with Hebraic Thought.

8:00 Spiritual Roots
SR-303 - How Do I Overcome Fear

Scripture states that perfect love casts out all fear.  Often time's life circumstances and events can cause us to doubt God's love and to fully trust His ways.  We will examine the application of the Word of God to reduce and eliminate anxiety and fear.

7:00 Knowing God
KG-303 - How Did Jesus Model Torah

By studying the words and messages spoken by Jesus we receive the very revelation of God and learn what works (Torah).  Walking out what we believe is directly related to what we know about Christ and His teachings.  This course will examine Jesus and how He applied Torah to His life and the life of His disciples.

8:00 Spiritual Leadership
SL-302 - How Do I Walk Out the Vision That God Has Given Me

Scripture encouraging us to write the vision and make it plain so we may run with it.  Prepare to develop a written proposal regarding the vision and ideas that God has given you.  Discussion in the class will include: spiritual vision, objectives, predicting hindrances and distractions, human resources, finances, and how and when to implement.