Covenant U  - Monday Nights

October 2018 Course Schedule

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7:00 Spiritual Roots
SR-102 - Do I Know How To Rest

Resting is one of God's key principals.  In our fast paced environment it is easy to succumb to the pressure that our roles place on us throughout our weekly schedules.  Prepare to recieve and understand God's unconditional love by avoiding performance, burnout, and perfectionism.

8:00 Hebraic Thought
HT-102 - Am I Under Grace or Under Law

Christians today have difficulty walking a balance between grace and law.  Find the balance between the law, as defined in Torah, and God's grace as defined in the completed work of Christ.  This course will assist to clarify the apostle Paul's teaching on the law, works, grace, and faith, bringing understanding to the epistles.

7:00 Knowing God
KG-102 – Who Is God

For this is life eternal, that we may know (Yada) Him.  Understanding God's grace, His covenant exchange process, His love and sovereignty builds faith and trust.  In this course we will study God's names revealing His character and His nature.

8:00 Spiritual Leadership
SL-102 - What is the Function of the 5-Fold Ministry

God created a governmental system for men and woman to function interdependently as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.  We will look at each ministry to understand their characteristics, importance, and uniqueness in establishing God's covenant, community, and kingdom here on Earth.