Covenant U  

September 2018 Course Schedule

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7:00 Spiritual Roots
SR-101 - What Is My Purpose?

Created in God's image we are designed to walk into His will for our lives.  Not understanding our heritage identity in the kingdom will hinder us from realizing His destiny and blessings He has prepared for us.  We will begin to explore the four spiritual laws and the fruits and roots so we can understand the Father's design and plan for our life.

8:00 Hebraic Thought
HT-101 – What Is The Hebraic Understanding Of Covenant?

It is difficulty to understand the New Testament without a complete understanding of God's covenant as given in the Torah.  A foundational study of God's covenants, this course emphasizes the intimate relationship between God and man, unconditional love, and God's grace to walk by faith.

7:00 Knowing God
KG-101 – Am I Hearing From God?

Jesus always desires to speak to His people and guide them into truth.  This course assists believers in understanding the gifts of the Spirit, prayer, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  We will learn how to evaluate and respond to the prophetic word.  We will also explore the gift of prophecy to better understand its value as well as its hindrances.

8:00 Spiritual Leadership
SL-101 – What Is My Spiritual DNA

To lead properly it is important to know your own strengths and weaknesses in the area of spiritual gifts, anointing, and attributes.  This course will explore your motivational gifts, personality, and love language.