This past Pentecost Sunday, June 4th, during our Covenant Center worship, we experienced a beautiful manifestation of Holy Spirit as He spoke in His love and power. Our entire Sunday celebration was filled with His expression as He came and rearranged the flow of our meeting. It was a stunning experience and display of the Book of Acts and Pentecost as God touched each person intimately, with spiritual songs, dance, the release of prophesy, tongues, interpretation and revelation. Being in God's presence brought refreshing, hope, renewed vision and strength to all. The following word was shared during worship. May this word bring life and encourage you with renewed hope. 

We come to celebrate Him and He always meets us in such startling and extraordinary ways. But I heard the Spirit of the Lord declare as I stepped into this room today: "Things are fixin' to change!" I said, "What Lord?" And He again said: "Things are fixin' to change!" And then He said the sweetest thing. He said, I'm so proud of this family that I have birthed and brought together. I'm so delighted! Look around. They have stood with Me in darkness; they have stood with Me in loss and pain. They have stood with Me and trusted Me through it all. What good Father would not give good gifts to His children? And how sweet it is to watch a child, a babe, when he takes his first steps and begins to walk. What a thrill it is - the first step, even when he falls. The joy of watching him; stand on their feet and begin to walk and run. What joy that is to Me.

And I say to you: How can one understand the mountain if there is no valley? How can one understand the glory of light until they have stood in darkness? How can one understand My miracle working power when they have not experienced pain or loss? How can they understand My gift of prosperity and life if they have not walked through the valley of the shadow of death? These things are not meant to harm you. These things are meant to teach you and train  you. These things are meant for you to become the light of the world. For in the coming days, as the earth grows darker, you will be My temples and houses of light and prosperity and healing and joy. Fear not! Fear not! I come to protect you, for you walk in My covenant of peace. I bring to you health and life, prosperity and healing, and you have joy when you recognize My hand is upon you. Oh, but I hear you say: God, it's taken so long! Why has it taken so long? Do you think there was not celebration at the pool that day, the years, the 38 years the paralytic sat by that pool waiting for My touch? Time is of no essence to Me. I know it feels that way to you, but has it not been written that those that wait upon Me shall be renewed, shall be healed, shall be restored, shall be given life abundantly? So understand, even though there was a ten-year lawsuit, even though it has taken twenty years to put in place the proper applications and positioning in this house - things are fixin' to change! And I ask you one thing as the blessings come; yes, as the blessings come - please My beloved, always remember where I've brought you from and what I have done for you. Remember... Remember...And let your testimonies fill the airwaves of the earth with My glory and My faithfulness.

Now receive! Receive! Receive Me! Receive Me! Receive of Me! I love you. I love you My children. As a Father I've watched you stumble. I've watched you fall. Oh, but the joy I've had in watching you get up again, and try again. And I have been growing and strengthening a back bone of steel in you to stand. For in the coming days you will stand, and at your hands My glory will be released. And people will come to you for they will know that you have heard from heaven and can bring guidance into their lives. So nothing you have experienced has been in vain and everything will be redeemed. Receive of Me. Celebrate with Me. This is a joyful day because it's time for things to change. It's time for things to change. Things are fixin' to change!

In HIs love,