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The following word was recently released at The Covenant Center. I hope it will encourage you to keep your eyes on Him and remember His love and faithfulness.

I hear the voices of My people crying out: "Oh God! What are You doing? Oh God, what is happening? Oh my God, where are You? Oh God, I don't understand?"

What are you looking at My children? What are you looking at and where are your eyes focusing? Are you focusing on the injustice? Are you focusing on the terror? Are you focusing on the devastation? The earth is shaking! The earth is shaking! It is shaking for the sons of God to arise. I am calling My sons and daughters forth. What have you studied for? What have you trained for? What have you planned for? What have you prayed for? What have you seen in your mind's eye? I am calling you forth. Do you not see it? Do you no sense it? Do you not understand it? For the earth is shaking for My glory to be released into this place that I have created, and I desire you to align with My plans and My purposes.

So, where is your hope? Where is your focus? For is it not written that I am the God of Hope? Am I not the God of Hope that loves His children and desires to give good gifts to them? Even in the chaos, even in the shaking, even in the alignments and realignments, know that I am there. Know that I feel your pain and know that I feel your suffering. But understand, is it not written that there is a greater purpose for what is coming - for what is taking place? And will I not pull you into My breast and comfort you and keep you and bring revelation to you? For I love you! I love you! I love you!

So as the earth shakes, I ask you one thing - keep your eyes on Me. When your spirit becomes troubled, when you become discouraged or dismayed, keep your eyes on Me. Keep your eyes on Me. Remember to always keep your eyes on Me.

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