Joy to the world! My Son has come! Let the earth ring out with My joy. Hark the Herald Angels sing! Do you hear them singing in heaven, rejoicing for what I am doing in the earth. At times it seems dark. At times there are challenges. At times you wonder where I am, but I am always with you. I never leave you and I never forsake you. Just like the butterfly that must be hidden for a time in darkness as it develops, only I know the time of release. And at that moment the butterfly comes forth and flies.

And so it shall be with you in this season. You will find this a season of joy in your life, no matter what is happening in your surroundings and no matter what is happening in the earth. This is going to be a time of joy for My people, for I am going to release My light within you that will shine in the darkness. I will release within you all that you have asked for in power and the manifestation of My Spirit. For I am coming in a new way in the earth and you shall be privy to see it and to walk in it with Me. So rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! This is a new time and a new season in the earth and you will see, you will see My light shine forth in places where it's been said, "O, Lord, it's so dark. Will You ever come? Can You ever change this? But you will see that underneath the darkness, I have been moving in My spirit and the rivers of My water have been churning and they will spew forth in the earth. And there will be a time of great joy, great release, great redemption, great revelation, great wisdom, great understanding, great healing and great manifestations of My Spirit; and you will soon be hearing, "Rejoice! Rejoice!" And wait for that time in darkness as I prepare to release you and watch you fly.