The following prophetic word was shared at The Covenant Center by Rebecca Maisenbacher on March 15, 2015.

I am extending my scepter to my people. Do you see my hand and my scepter? I place it before you today. For many have declared a new season in me and so it is. For I have arisen and I have leveled the playing field and it is open to everyone. 

And some have said, “Oh Lord, but I could never. I could never be that. I could never do this. I could never go there. I could never surrender this. Oh Lord, my fear is great. Oh Lord, my trust is so weak.” 

But the field is now leveled and as I extend my scepter, I ask you, would you step onto the playing field? Would you take that leap of faith and step onto the field? Would you take your hand and receive the scepter that I have extended to you? 

“But oh Lord, what will that mean?” Can you step onto the playing field without the knowledge of my plan? Can you step onto the playing field knowing that the risks are great in following me? But though there be risks, and though there be challenges, I give you what the world can never give. 

When there is chaos, I give you peace. When there is weakness, I give you strength. When there is confusion, I give you sight. When you are unable to hear the plan and know which way to go, I sing my sound into your ear. Where there is bondage, I give you freedom. 

Would you be willing to step onto the playing field with my grace and my mercy? Would you be willing to step onto the playing field without the direction and the plan? For I am the great coach, and as we play the game of life together, I give you the plans for each moment that we play. Sometimes the plan is unknown. Sometimes the plans change. But my plan is always to encourage you, to love you, to give you hope, all that the world cannot give you. 

So I extend the scepter today, and I ask you, would you ponder that? Would you ponder that today? Would you consider receiving my scepter? Would you consider stepping onto the level playing field with the excitement and the anticipation of how we will play together? 

For my plays are great and my strategies are beyond human understanding. But we will have victory and we will win the game and we will exult and celebrate together as we play the different seasons, as we strategize together. 

And you will find not only victory for yourself, but you will find victory for your family and you will find my victory appears in the lives of your friends. And you will find the victory will take place in your jobs, in your workplaces. You will find my victory taking place throughout the land and we will celebrate together when we see the scoreboard that I have given you, all that I am. But I come with the scepter to say, will you give me all that you are?

So ponder this my children, ponder this. And please consider receiving my scepter for the new plans in this new season and this new time of great victory.