After spending time alone with the Lord during Christmas break, I sensed Him speaking to me about the Body of Christ, what He is doing within our community at The Covenant Center, and a few other items which were more global.

He reminded me the enemy or the anti-Christ spirit's goal is to over burden and wear out the Saints. This year the enemy will attempt to keep you busy focusing on yourself to discouraged and drain you of energy and vitality. Many in the Body are able to carry other's burdens, intercede for them and become incredible strength, support and encouragement. It will be important to recognize the season you are in, whether you are to stand and assist or rest. There will be others who will get caught in backbiting and consistent resistance. They will carry false burdens, stress out trying to assist and eventually burn out. The obvious warning is to be careful not to carry more than God has required of you, so you will not become overwhelmed. Remember to intercede and then cast your burden on the Lord. (Psalm 55:22)

Hitting the mark is being able to apply the Scriptures to your life. Missing the mark is sin, meaning we try to hit the mark, but we simply miss it. Personal prophetic words received may help give you a road map or goal to move toward. We are to be aggressive in our pursuit toward the Word, understanding what preparation is necessary, what action we need to take and how much time it may take in our life before the word fully comes to pass. It also takes wisdom to know when to share a word and when to remain silent and protect it. This all will take place as you work with the Lord allowing Him to direct and transform you.

The Lord enjoys your time of fellowship, prayer and intimacy with Him. For some, this is the year He will move prayer and intercession from an obligation to a time of peace and intense desire. The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching the heart, seeking truth, light and revelation. Holy Spirit will be shinning light upon the earth, in your heart, His word, the Church and the world. Some will have the courage to stand in the gap for those who struggle with fear or depression. God will also release wisdom to know how to give help and support.

The Lord will direct your path at all times, enabling you to be free from care, engaging in the joy of life and functioning in child like faith. However, there may be other moments when you feel out of control. Understand He is still with you and directing your path. You will walk and experience a new path of peace and protection finding joy in relationships, helping you to reach new levels of compassion and humility.

The Lord will be helping many Saints to break through where new spiritual fruit will be available to eat and share with others. There will be an explosion in the spirit realm by Thanksgiving 2017 that will culminate in many blessings and promises that are part of the restoration of the Lord.

Many believers have worked with the Lord to build a strong foundation in Him. Some have experienced pain and rejection leaving scars. What you have experienced and walked through will be used to build your spiritual house this year. Some houses will be finished and ready for ministry while others will continue being constructed one room at a time.

Holy Spirit is going to visit the young people and youth. During this time they will need strong parents and adults to teach, mentor, love and encourage in biblical truths, the gifts of the Spirit, dreams and emotional healing. 

This will be the year The Covenant Center will experience an increase in spontaneous prophetic flow of worship. There will also be a prophetic flow of previously written songs and choreographed dance, blending the two together.

There has been a season of walking gingerly to not offend certain groups or peoples. Now, a new vigor and enthusiasm for sharing truth will manifest without apology.

Technology will grow exponentially creating ease for business and information, which unfortunately will also create additional abuse in this area.

God is shining His light on you and your family. He will be highlighting areas of increase and favor as well as areas needing attention to address and change.

God will make His stand with Israel very clear this year. You will see many people coming back spiritually and physically to Israel as His truths prevail.

In Jeremiah 21:12 we find two tasks God desired for Israel to accomplish to keep from falling. I believe the same challenge given to them is now directed at the United States: 1) Administer justice and 2) Deliver those people who have been robbed from the power of the oppressor.

Holy Spirit spoke this very clearly to me: "By My grace I will give My Body the opportunity to walk in purity." Be encouraged when God deals with your heart, for His desire is to move you into a higher level of integrity, honor and virtue.

For those called to write, God will impart a divine motivation, so you may proceed and complete your assignments.

Many will experience mixture in ministry dealing with highs and lows in their personal life. Be prepared to recover quickly from the lows, enjoy the highs and embrace the accelerated ride.

I heard Holy Spirit declare: "I will put My hand on this ministry, as I will several others, and cause it to grow. The spiritual and natural house will be prepared for ministry as well as battle. I am causing a great shaking in the earth which will release signs, healing and miracles."

Be encouraged, God is on the move! He is not caught unaware of your circumstances and is with you in your victory as well as your sorrow. Becky and I pray that your New Year will be filled with His love and presence. We thank God for you!