Loren Sanford has a heart for the body of Christ and a longing for intimacy with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  As he's said in a couple of his books, "If your goal is to be supernatural, you'll end up in shipwreck, but if your goal is to be intimate with the Father, you'll end up being supernatural."

Called to love people, to set them free and to grow God's church, pastoring has been Loren's lifelong passion, a calling now spanning four and a half decades. Recognition as a prophetic voice was never his ambition. His passion for people and the church, however, have led directly to a prophetic calling and the  need to hear the voice of God so he could help prepare God's people for the coming days. In recent years everything Loren has done, from his work as a songwriter to his preaching, teaching and writing books, has been seen and interpreted by the wider body of Christ as prophetic in its impact. As John Sandford's son, it seems heritage can be inescapable. As a pastor/prophetic voice, Loren always speaks from the Father's heart, the heart of a shepherd training up those prophetically called, as well as those gifted in other areas of ministry.