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March 2019 Course Schedule

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7:00 Spiritual Roots
SR-301 - Am I Whole

Since we are created in God's image it is important to understand how the body, soul, and spirit work together to help us become whole as a human being.  Embracing the synergy in our body, soul, and spirit, and the diversity of God's open doors of healing will bring wholeness and health to your life.

8:00 Hebraic Thought
HT-301 - Why Study the Parables of Jesus

Why Study the Parables of Jesus

Jesus used parables to share His ways with His true disciples.  To understand the parables of Jesus an understanding of Hebraic thought and culture is foundational in truly grasping the meaning of His teaching.  This course reviews the parables and teachings of Jesus through Christian studies in light of Jewish teachings.

7:00 Knowing God
KG-301 - Am I Sensitive to the Holy and Profane

Discerning between the holy and profane is crucial to receiving life from the Spirit of God.  Profane does not necessarily mean taking the Lord's name in vain or some immoral act.  This course will examine the compromises we sometimes make in misunderstanding what God calls holy and profane.

8:00 Spiritual Leadership
SL-301 - What Are the Keys To Developing A Healthy Covenant Community

Community is important to God.  Building Relationships takes an understanding of covenant and the ability to prefer others.  This course will review healthy and toxic concepts of developing appropriate covenant relationships.