Covenant•U  - Monday Nights

February 2019 Course Schedule

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7:00 Hebraic Thought
HT-203 - How Do We Study and Interpret the Torah

His ways are higher than our ways.  A study of Torah based on Hebraic thought gives us a truer picture of how God wants us to live our lives.  We will gain a deeper understanding of Scripture as embraced by the Early Church and use Hebraic interpretive tools and resources.

8:00 Spiritual Roots
SR-203 - How Do I Love Others

Relationships are an integral part of life.  The breakdown of communication will restrict the ability to enjoy intimacy and peace with others.  Prepare to understand God's ways and in learning how to relate, resolve conflict, and forgive others.

7:00 Knowing God
KG-203- How Does God Communicate With Us - Two

God activates our senses to be able to speak with us.  Examining the roles of the seer, the prophet, the watchman, and the intercessor will assist the student in understanding the ways of God and His supernatural realm and how He communicates with us daily.

8:00 Spiritual Leadership
SL-203 - How Do We Define "Ministry"

This class will be an overview of all aspects of ministry.  You will explore and activate opportunites to serve within your local community, nationally, and internationally.