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New courses are offered each month so that over a 2-year period you can complete our ministry school program. Courses are categorized into "Self-Discovery" (SD) and "Hebrew Thought" (HT).

RSVP here if possible to let us know you are coming, and register at the office or by calling (863) 802-5171. Beginning Monday night, March 17, two new courses are offered. You can take one or both each month.

7pm: SD-203 – Am I Whole?
8pm: HT-203 – Why Study the Parables of Jesus?


SD-203 – Am I Whole?
Since we are created in God's image it is important to understand how the body, soul, and spirit work together to help us become whole as a human being. Embracing the synergy in our body, soul, and spirit and the diversity of God's open doors of healing will bring wholeness and health to your life.

HT-203 – Why Study the Parables of Jesus?
Jesus used parables to share his ways with his true disciples. To understand the parables of Jesus an understanding of Hebrew thought and culture is necessary. This course reviews the parables and teachings of Jesus through Christian studies in light of Jewish teachings.

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