CANCER: How To Beat It On A Shoestring Budget!


CANCER: How To Beat It On A Shoestring Budget!

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Cancer: How I Beat It on a Shoestring Budget is an in-depth and detailed account of the rapid victory achieved by Mary Rock in her successful battle against stage 4 breast cancer. This book includes testimonies of other individuals suffering with various types of advanced stage cancers. Each individual was able to triumph over the disease by following the same simple steps. Mary Rock's book offers wisdom for the suffering and supplies keys to good health using affordable remedies. In this book, she reveals such things as:

• Inexpensive products that shrink a tumor rapidly

• How to rebuild the immune system quickly

• The link between cancer and household toxins

• Foods to avoid while getting well

• Inexpensive remedy for the human papilloma virus

• Inexpensive remedy for the herpes virus

• Inexpensive remedy for a chronic yeast infection or candida

• The importance of maintaining a healthy colon

• How daily detoxification can contribute to life extension

About the Author

Mary Rock, a licensed minister and speaker with an amazing story to tell that the world needs to hear!  Within a few days, Mary developed a baseball-sized breast tumor that was fueled by an estrogen supplement. Prompted by a dream, she made the gutsy decision to seek an alternative solution after being referred to a surgeon at a prominent cancer treatment center. Taking a non-medical approach, Mary was able to reduce the baseball-sized tumor down to less than the size of a small grain of rice in just three weeks!  Realizing she was on to something life-changing, she began a journey of seeking natural health solutions to complete her healing process.  Mary discovered a product that left her free of even the smallest sign of cancer and amazingly costs only pennies a day. Even more powerful, this 'affordable' product also cures many degenerative diseases, to include heart disease. Mary Rock now enjoys a vibrant life that is FREE OF CANCER without enduring surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment.  A former court reporter and U.S. Navy veteran, she resides in central Florida with her husband, Attorney Daniel Rock.