Traditionally, The Covenant Center has hosted a variety of gatherings in December in hopes that we could serve the Lakeland community, gather for celebrations with family and friends, and honor the traditionally acknowledged date of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, in December.  

It is our hope that this December, that our community will find a place to serve, rest, gather, and celebrate with family and friends as we honor and celebrate our Christmas Holiday on December 25th and Ring in the New Year on December 31st.   We encourage you to take time for refreshing the Lord and find the time to enjoy our loved ones and family as we prepare for January and the beginning of the new season.  

 The Covenant Center will be closed for Holiday Family Time on December 25th - January 1st 2017.


We will still hold our regular Sunday Celebration Meetings on December 24th and January 31st!!!  See you there!!!