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***No classes on November 24***

New courses are offered each month so that over a 2-year period you can complete our ministry school program. Courses are categorized into four tracks and are taught on Monday evenings.

Register at the office or by calling (863) 802-5171.

Beginning Monday night, November 3, the following courses are offered for the month.

7:00 Spiritual Roots

SR-103 – How Do I Rediscover my Inner Child?

Many of our childhood experiences can accelerate life hurts. Not understanding the source of those experiences we often turn it inward on ourselves and take the burden and responsibility of others’ actions. We will take a deeper look at our experiences as we overcome rejection, shame, manipulation, and guilt.

8:00 Hebraic Thought

HT- 103 What Did Paul Teach About the New Covenant?

Since the early church Christians have debated on Paul’s teachings. . In Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, the truth and freedom of the New Testament is uncovered. Students will analyze Paul’s goal, which was to set the captive free with the truth regarding God’s covenant people being declared holy and righteous.

7:00 Knowing God

KG-103 – How Do I Understand His Ways?

There is quite a contrast between Greek/Western thinking and the Hebraic/Eastern thought process. To study the difference enables us to understand the thought process, the manner of speech, the way words are used, customs, and how the authors of the Bible describe the issues of life. Understanding God’s ways releases us from fear expanding our ability to receive His love while building trust and peace.

8:00 Spiritual Leadership

SL-103 – How Do I Respond to Conflict, Adversity or Persecution?

Conflict resolution and restoring harmonious relationships are key principles in the kingdom. We will learn specific biblical guidelines regarding how, when, and what our communication should look like to resolve differences with others.