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New courses are offered each month so that over a 2-year period you can complete our ministry school program. Courses are categorized into "Self-Discovery" (SD) and "Hebrew Thought" (HT).

RSVP here if possible to let us know you are coming, and register at the office or by calling (863) 802-5171.

Beginning Monday night, May 19, two new courses are offered. You can take one or both each month.

7pm: SD-301 – How Do I Overcome Fear?
8pm: HT-301 – Do Jewish Roots Apply?


SD-204 – How Do I Overcome Fear?
Scripture states that perfect love casts out all fear. Often times, life circumstances and events can cause us to doubt God's love to to fully trust His ways. We will examine the application of the Word of God to reduce and eliminate anxiety and fear.

HT-301 – Do Jewish Roots Apply?
When Jesus, Paul, and the authors of the Torah referred to Scripture, they were referencing the Old Testament. We will explore the Old Testament so we can better relate to the early Church and its theology. This will bring cohesiveness to the entire Torah highlighting its similarities in Hebraic thought.