1. Read Covenant•U Student Handbook and Course Syllabus
  2. Identify and Examine Course Lesson Objectives and Intended Student Learning Outcomes
  3. View each of the Course Instructional Videos for Comprehensive Understanding
  4. Collect Anecdotal Notes from Course Content Videos including Personal Observations from Key Vocabulary, Multiple and Extended Response Questions, Course Objectives, Student Learning Outcomes, Concepts, and Ideas
  5. Self-Check by completing each Lesson Checkpoint Quiz
  6. Prepare a Written Essay Response to the Writing Situation Below including details and information from the Course to support your response
  7. Refer to Covenant•U Certification Essay Rubric to Self Assess your Essay and make sure it meets Passes Completion Requirements
  8. If your Essay does not meet Course Completion Requirements as identified by the Course Certification Essay you will be required to Re-purchase and Re-attempt the Course Reflection Essay