Complete Your Ministry Licensing!

Covenant•U course programs include class work leading to licensing. Participation will enhance your personal journey towards intimacy with God, learning your spiritual gifts, and developing a closer relationship with Him.  We look forward to seeing you cultivate the purpose and potential God has designed for you.

Coursework Required for Licensing:

  • Completion of nine (9) Spiritual Roots Courses
  • Completion of nine (9) Hebraic Thought Courses
  • Completion of nine (9) Knowing God Courses
  • Completion of nine (9) Spiritual Leadership Courses

*Ministry License Considered Upon Completion of Covenant•U Coursework, Application, and Interview Process

Course SR-101 What Is My Purpose

Course SR-102 Do I Know How to Rest

Course SR-103 How Do I Rediscover My Inner Child

Course SR-201 Am I Codependent

Course SR-202 How Do I Embrace His Ways

Course SR-203 How Do I Love Others 

Course SR-301 Am I Whole 

Course SR-302 Do You Want To Be Free 

Course SR-303 How Do I Overcome Fear 

Course HT-101 What Is the Hebraic Understanding of Covenant

Course HT-102 Am I Under Grace or Under Law 

Course HT-103 What Does Paul Teach About the New Covenant 

Course HT-201 How Do We Listen and Talk to Our Heavenly Father 

Course HT 202 What Is Gods Design for Covenant Marriage 

Course HT-203 How Do We Study and Interpret Torah 

Course HT-301 Why Study the Parables of Jesus 

Course HT-302 Am I a Faithful Steward of His Resources 

Course HT-303 Do Jewish Roots Apply 

Course KG-101 Am I Hearing From God

Course KG-102 Who Is God

Course KG-103 How Do I Understand His Ways

Course KG-201 How Does God Communicate With Us

Course KG-202 What Is God’s Process for Promotion

Course KG-203 How Does God Communicate With Us

Course KG-301 Am I Sensitive to the Holy & Profane

Course KG-302 How Does God Speak Through His Written Word

Course KG-303 How Did Jesus Model Torah

Course SL-101 What Is My Spiritual DNA

Course SL-102 What Is the Function of the 5-Fold Ministry

Course SL-103 How Do I Respond to Conflict, Adversity, or Persecution

Course SL-201 What Are Biblical Strategies For Healing and Deliverance 

Course SL-202 What Are Biblical Strategies For Counseling and Evangelism 

Course SL-203 How Do We Define “Ministry” 

Course SL-301 What Are the Keys To Developing A Healthy Covenant Community 

Course SL-302 How Do I Establish an Effective Mentoring Network