Tonight, October 2, 2016 at sundown, we will enter into a new season of the Lord on His Hebraic calendar - 5777. There are many encouraging divine manifestations taking place as God ushers His people into this new time in the earth. A time of celebration as well as reflection, God is with us, Immanuel, preparing us to cross over and walk into all He has planned and prepared for this new year. I hope this word given at The Covenant Center on September 23, 2016 by Randi Lechner encourages you and strengthens you to continue in your path with Him.

Randi Lechner: By reason of discouragement - the pain and the threatenings...I've heard them cry by reason of the task masters who had no mercy and I have come down to deliver them. I've come down to set My people free. I've come down to make a way, where there is no way. I've come to remove obstacles, barriers and walls. Behold says the Lord, you've heard that the days past were days of grace, but I tell you, you have not yet seen the favor of your God. You've not yet seen the majesty of how I will do for My people what they cannot do for themselves. I have seen. I have heard, and My hand is outstretched - and I will move says the Lord.

Look at the mountain that was before you that was inexhaustible. Look at the mountain that was indomitable. Look at the thing that you tried to conquer and could not. And I tell you - you will look for it and find it no more. Because I have spoken and the earth will tremble and the mountains will fall. I will dry up the supplies of the enemy. And where there were rivers of supply that the enemy caused to happen, behold, they will be dry deserts and the enemy shall be starved out of his place. For behold I will raise up a banner and I will raise up a people who know My voice. I shall raise up a people who shall stand in the midst of what others are afraid of, who will declare the goodness of their God. I will raise up a generation - a generation of David's mighty men says the Lord, who have abandoned all to follow after the King. I shall raise up a generation who shall not fear the giants of the land. I will raise up a generation who will say: "We will conquer in the name of our God - in the name of David!"

And behold, anyone who will - I will bring. I will bring you to that place and I will use you. Look, says the Lord, at that mountain of unbelief that those that you love have built in order to have a fortress against My name and My word. Declare My name to it, and behold their fortress of reasoning and doubt and unbelief will crumble before them, and I will bring the blind by way they did not know. And I will make a way in the desert. And behold out of you I will bring fruit and the nations will eat, says the Lord.

Do you not know that these last two years have been years that are fallow? Years where the ground did not produce. Years where the plantings of yesterday did not bring a crop today. Do you not know why, says the Lord, for it was not the enemy. For I said, they are the Sabbath years. They are the years that will lay fallow. But surely says the Lord, I will bring forth a new crop, a new harvest, a new strength out of the weakness of these past two years. And I will cause you to stretch out on every side. I will cause you to afford where before you could not afford. I will cause you to break out of the sickness and into health. I will cause you to come out of the poverty and into abundance. For in these two years, in that which was laying fallow, I did a work in you and I plowed the hardness of your hearts. And I plowed the places and I cut off the branches that once produced that I might bring forth strong fruit in a new season.

God's peace and blessings to you and your family in this new year - A blessed Rosh Hashanah!