The following word was given by Randi Lechner during our 9-6-2015 Sunday celebration meeting. May it bless and encourage you in these uncertain times. 

Randi declared: I heard the Spirit of the Lord say: These are the days of preparation. These are the days that will lead to great tumult and turmoil, but these are also the days of the preparation of My refreshing, says the Lord. For in the midst of turmoil, I am a strong tower. In the midst of tumult, I will be your peace. So prepare your hearts says the Lord. Prepare your hearts, not looking at the tumult, but looking at My peace. For I will be with you and I will keep you, says the Lord. And these shall be days of great restoration and days of great harvest. For have you not heard, did you not read that where sin does abound, grace does much more abound? Am I not the One who called the storm? Am I not the One, said My disciples, in the midst of the storm? For behold says the Lord, the days to come are turmoil, but I tell you, they are the days of great refreshing for those who seek My face. So rejoice. Rejoice and do not fear, for I am with you, says the Lord.