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A New Season

He sent His servants to declare the change in His season. God is always good that way. He tells us beforehand doesn't He? His Word says that He will tell us beforehand what He's going to do and He helps us prepare. He's been speaking to us that we are preparing to enter a new season. For He says: I have declared expansion in this house. I have sent My servant to declare expansion in this house - for you oh Covenant Center and for My covenant people. For there will be expansion, not only in ministry, but there will be expansion in businesses. And there will be prosperity, and there will be favor, and there will be increase, and there will be security, and there will be health. 

For what purpose do I bring expansion to this house? For My purposes and My plans. For I have strategically placed you and positioned you. And there will be long awaited promises that will begin to spring forth. There will now be increase and there will begin to be exposure. And My life and My purposes that have once been contained within these walls will begin to be poured out into the earth, watering the land and bringing life. So prepare and watch for the times of plantings. For there will be plantings of centers, and there will be plantings of spiritual houses, and the earth will be touched in My name. And as I have spoken in My word, I will bear witness with you with signs and wonders as I have in the past, and there will be various and diverse miracles and gifts of Holy Spirit. And this all will be expanded in this season.

For even though there are storms that will rage about you, you will remain safe in My house as you stay in a position and a place of humility and purity. As you stay in this position of humility and purity, I will preserve you and I will protect you from the raging storms and situations, and even judgments that will fall. For in this long season of preparation, you have been waiting. You say: "Lord what are you doing? Lord, what have you been doing?" I have been building a vessel that knows how to wait and knows how to see, and listens to My voice, and honors and obeys My precepts and principles. I have been building humility in My people in their waiting. But as you know, it is always in My heart and My covenant to prosper My people. And so now, now, I speak forth that it shall be so. But I remind you that in your expansion, and in the increase, and in the prosperity, and in the favor that I have placed upon you, I ask you, My people, to remain and keep yourself in a place of purity, that place of rest, that place of peace and that place of humility.

For this is My promise to you, and you will begin to see it break forth in many of your lives. So rejoice and know that I am always good and that I have placed My favor upon you.

We thank you, Lord. Thank you, Father. You are so good. You are so kind. You are so generous. your fathomless love is stunning. It overwhelms us and amazes us that you would choose broken vessels and you would knit us together as a community, and you would teach us, and you would train us, and yes, that you would even test us in understanding the spiritual aspects of your kingdom and your covenant. And then, you would place within us your Spirit and your gifts, your calling to be vessels of your mercy and love in the earth. That we would be the ones that would be able to extend your hand of hope and encouragement and healing to those who are lost and suffering. We thank you for your servants who have come over the years with the many words that have been planted and foundational in this house. We thank you that you continue to come in dreams and visions, words and your scriptures to bring direction and life; so that we may align always with your plans and purposes, and that we may all learn to walk in humility and preference to one another. Thank you Father for your visitations to us. They are life. Thank you that you heal and restore us. Thank you that you have released your love upon us. A love we have never known. A love that is not of this world, but we know it by Your Spirit. We praise you and exalt you, merciful and gracious Father, Friend and Counselor, Shepherd and Lover of our souls. We thank you. Now bless your people, Lord, as they begin this new season of expansion. Father, keep them safe and help us to stay in the place of humility, rest and peace as we walk with you in these new ventures and expansion. Thank you for bringing clarity in all aspects of life, bringing guidance and hope to not only us but to others. Thank you precious Savior.