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Jesus was with His disciples after a time of teaching, when He turns and says to them in Mark 4:35: “Hey guys, let’s get in the boat and cross to the other side.” Now one must assume Jesus knew that a storm was brewing, but he asked his friends to get in the boat with him anyway. Verse 37 states: Soon a violent windstorm came up, and the waves were breaking over the boat, so that it was being swamped. But Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on the cushion. So they woke Him and said, ‘Teacher, don’t You care that we are perishing?’ Then in verse 39 Jesus spoke to the storm and wind - “Silence! Be still! And the wind died down and it was perfectly calm.

Storms of life are never enjoyable. Here in Florida I watch the weather to actually try to avoid them, but eventually they do appear. The disciples were a good picture of what we emotionally deal with when a storm arises. They were fearful and the unknown was disconcerting, so Jesus spoke to their doubt, while exposing their thoughts and concerns. But there was more happening than they may have realized. What did they experience while in the storm? They experienced a miracle and God’s supernatural power they had never seen before, exclaiming: “Who is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?” They grew in wisdom and understanding and further witness of the Kingdom through their experience in the boat. We want to know God and understand His ways, but to experience Him, He may ask or invite you to get in the boat. The disciples were out of control, but Jesus was right there with them, watching over, guiding, revealing more of Himself to His followers. I’m sure the disciples grew in their faith and trust knowing Jesus was with them, keeping them safe. And the good news is He is still the same today for you and me! Maybe you are in the boat with a storm brewing, or are about to be invited into the boat. There is nothing more peaceful and soothing than gliding along the smooth glass like sea of Galilee on a beautiful day, but if a storm begins to erupt, look for Jesus. He is right there with you preparing to teach you who He is and how much He cares for you. He will comfort, protect, guide you and watch over you. Know that He rides upon your storm and when you agree with Him and look for what He is teaching or revealing, you will sail through and watch Him calm the waters as you grow in wisdom and understanding.

In 1993, Arthur Burt, a wise prophet, gave a word of encouragement to Richard and I. It took me some years to understand, because I had yet to encounter a really troubling storm. But this word, encouraged and comforted me as Jesus guided me into the boat over the years. Arthur said: “ Be in turmoil, battles that are peculiar to youth, but God is in the storm. He rides upon it (the storm). If He rides agree with Him and you will not sink. The storms of youth, I haven’t looked at you. The storms of youth, they leave their mark on life. But out of the storm blind unbelief is sure to error and scan His works in vain, God is His own interpreter and He will make it plain.”

Be encouraged and know that blind unbelief will certainly assist you in sinking, but trusting God and His faithfulness, knowing He rides on your life’s storms will bring peace and hope. You will not sink or fail as you trust Him, and He will bring understanding to you and make His plans clear.

In His love,

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