I had a recent vision of the Body of Christ beginning to come into a fuller understanding of their identity and their covenant relationship with the Lord.  It is difficult to express what I saw but I felt like there were two main themes going on.  

The first was some people were coming into a deeper understanding of their responsibilities in the kingdom;  but not being prepared, equipped, or knowing what to do. This group definitely wanted to serve the Lord, increase their relationship, study the scriptures, and desired to be trained.  At the same time they wanted to give out and see others healed and the kingdom advance.  

The other group of people understood who they were in Christ but only wanted to continue to learn about God.  However, they had no desire to serve the Lord in relationships with other people.  They did not want their peace with the Lord to be broken by entering conflicts with others.  They only wanted to stay home and have a safe and controlled environment with their family.  

The Lord showed me that He is bringing us to an understanding of who we are and our responsibility to give.  Each believer has to make a choice whether they want to submit and choose the calling that He has requested of them.