I've taken you to a place of restlessness, and I've also taken you to a place of peace. And I'm doing a new work of accelerated healing within you. Healing in your bodies. Healing in your soul, and healing in your spirit. And as I move by My Spirit, don't be deceived by the method that I bring for healing, because I am bringing life. But the life that I bring may not look like the life that you're expecting. The method and way that I bring it forth may be challenging to your mind. But I'm bringing life nonetheless. I'm bringing healing to you. Not just this day - I've been working for days, months and years. This day I am pouring out My understanding. So as My healing comes and it doesn't look like what you expect, you can still receive life and embrace the healing touch that I bring to you. For this is a new day. I'm bringing acceleration, for there is work to be done. There are lives to be transformed, and I want to flow through My Body in a way that brings life to others. I don't want you to just contain My life within you, but release the life I've imparted to you to others as I direct.

I was given a vision and I saw us worshipping. Each one of us - you know the goop on Nickelodeon? The bright, neon green slime? I saw Him pouring it over our heads, and we were sitting there with this slime, thinking it's from the enemy, saying: "Oooo, I got slimmed!"  And I heard the Spirit of the Lord say" "This is not the slime of the enemy, this is My life being poured out in a way that you do not expect. This is My healing." Green often means healing and life, and it starts from the top of your head and slowly goes down, and we're not recognizing the healing power of the Lord. So, look for it!

Lord, I thank you for bringing revelation, understanding and wisdom to know what you are doing. And for today, we receive your healing life and power.