Independence Day! Independence Day! What a celebration! What a celebration of the goodness of this Nation! But I ask you today, what do you desire to be independent of? The world teaches us to be independent of our mother, independent of our father, independent in our thinking. But that is not My desire for me as your Father. I desire for you to be dependent - on Me. For have you not read, is it not so, that when you are weak I am strong; and when you are in need I am there?

My heart is always for you. My greatest desire is for you to be free. Free of sickness, free of poverty, free of persecution, free of the challenges of life; but never My dear ones free of Me, for I am King of the Universe. I am not only your Father, but I am your Savior and Lord. So even though we celebrate Independence Day, would it be that you would be independent of Me?

Lean on Me. Ask of Me. Invite Me into your situations. Invite Me into your life. Let Me teach you the better way. Let Me teach you My Torah. Let Me teach you how to live life well in My kingdom. And even though we may be independent in the world, I ask that you would never be independent of Me.