Oh Covenant Center, oh My covenant people, what shall I do with you? What shall I do with you? For I have tested you. I have challenged you. I have renewed you. I have brought My revelation to you. I have sustained you. I have preserved you. For I have come today to tell you, that now is the time that I will deal wondrously with you - for you have past the test. And you will see My light break forth and you will see My promises that My oracles have come to proclaim and declare. And you will begin to see them happening on the left and the right.You will see My plans unfold because this house was conceived by Me. This house was conceived and birthed by Me. And I have rocked you in My arms. And I have nurtured you. And I have consoled you. And I have taught you. And I have kept you. And I have fed you. And I have called you many things. I have called you a family. I have called you a community. I have declared this as a place where the prophets gather. I have declared this as a place when those in need would come and receive healing and hear My word. And so it shall be.

For I have sent My oracles to declare the new season of expansion. So I tell you My covenant people, there are those who have come and there are those that have left, and there are those that have stayed, and it will always be that way. But I have taken a period of time to vet, to vet those people who were not assigned to this place. But I have now set men, and I have brought the assignments and I have brought the people in to sustain My organism.

So now I can declare, the news of this new season. For My oracles have spoken a new season for this Center. They have spoken a new authority that is coming to this Center. They have declared the new government that is coming to this Center.They have declared a new structure, you will see it unfold in this Center, and there will be a new order, because this is the pattern of growth. This is the pattern of expansion. This is the pattern of the new season that leads to the new level, that leads to the new authority, that leads to the new victory.

So prepare, and as you watch and see with your eyes and your ears, you will see expansion. For now I will begin to call them in. For the time has come, and the preparation and the challenges and all you have endured - all I have prepared you for - I am pleased. So watch and pray and prepare for I am bringing them in. And it will not look like you expect it to look like, because it is My child. So open your heart, erase the lines of what you think that I can only do, and allow Me to be King in your life and in this house. And you will see all that I have declared and promised you in the days to come - come to pass.