I have been forging a people. The training and transformation has been challenging. The basic training of My Spirit which you have surrendered to has been long and the preparation great. For you have enlisted in My Kingdom Forces. My military. My army. It has been a time to learn surrender, a time to learn obedience, a a time to learn patience, a time to learn to work as a team, and a time to be grounded in the foundations of My Spirit, My Word and My Kingdom.

I have been training you. I have trained you to take you from the culture of self to the culture of My Kingdom. For in My Kingdom you have learned that the last shall be first and the poor in spirit, those of a contrite heart, and those who walk in humility and My love are promoted. For now, Love, Love will be My banner over you and it will now be My military flag.

Promotion is coming. It is now at hand. For I am moving you into advanced training as I transform My Church. Some will be foot soldiers, some assigned to My Air Force, some will be My stealth fighters and prepare for My special ops, some will be medics and some will sit with Me and plan and strategize with Me for Kingdom advancement. All will be navy seals of My Spirit and we will work as a team to take the land and advance My Kingdom.

The training is at times arduous. Some have been wounded. But know in the coming days as the battles rage you will see that you have been trained and well prepared for what lies ahead and what I have called you to do. And you will ride with Me and clearly see and hear My battle plans. And we will go forth in victory and you will rejoice with Me and declare: "Look what our Lord has done!" You will see that My training as well as My correction, has been good and with purpose.

Now is the time of preparation and diligence to look back and cross every "t" and dot every "i." Bring to completion past assignments. Spend time with Me in our secret place. As we enter advanced training and preparation there will be fresh release for the things I have for you, as we proclaim the battle cry: "Forward! Forward!" Know My plan for you is always victory!