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Fifty days after Passover, the Apostle Paul planned his travels so he could be in Jerusalem during Shavuot. It was to celebrate God’s faithfulness with the early wheat harvest, which increased the hopefulness for a fall harvest (Sukkot). Later, the Rabbis while searching for historical facts discovered that around the same time during Shavuot, Moses came to Mount Sinai and was given the Law.

The Jews celebrated Shavuot when they received the Torah from God in Exodus 20. The presence and the revelation of God appeared on top of the mountain in the form of fire. Torah or the Word of God was then given to them on tablets of stone. This year in 2019 Shavuot is celebrated on June 8th - 10th.

Pentecost is a Feast of the Lord recognized by believers on Sunday, June 9th, which is mentioned in Acts 2:1. In Acts 2, the presence of God fell upon the believers with tongues of fire as they began to speak in the native language of those who were listening. In the book of Jeremiah 31, he prophesied that the Spirit of God would come upon the believers and the Torah would be written on their hearts, rather than on tablets of stone.

We look forward to celebrating this Feast with Joy and thanksgiving! He has given us His written Word and continues to write His word upon our hearts. This is a time to saturate ourselves with His Word (Law) and Spirit (prayer) as we expect a fresh outpouring of His Spirit.

In His Covenant Love,

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