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On March 4th of this year,  I released the following word during our praise and worship time at The Covenant Center. As I have meditated on it this month, it aligns beautifully with the Easter and Passover season. I hope you will be encouraged to not only prepare your heart in remembrance of what God has given to you, but to also be reminded of His love for you, especially as you celebrate Him in joy and thanksgiving.

"I hear the Spirit of the Lord speaking so sweetly today. And He says: I hear the cries of My people. I hear the cries of My people! I hear them saying, Lord, help me. Lord, save me. Father, where are you when I need you? Lord, provide for me. Lord, heal me. Lord, free me. Lord deliver me. Lord, fight for me! And I say to you today, what more can I give you My children, than what I gave you through My Son? For He was the great Sacrifice. The blood of the Lamb that was shed for you to walk in My covenant of peace. And the veil was rent so that I could walk with you and stand with you, and celebrate with you, as well as pray with you. And so I ask you today, what more can I give you than My Son? For He embodies all that I am and carries all gifts to release to you. He sits at My right hand and intercedes for you and all in the earth.

So remember to stand with your face like flint when trials come, because they will come. But in those trials, know that I am with you. Know that I fight for you. Know that I love you. Know that I sacrificed for you. Know that My heart is always for you, and whatever you walk through, I walk with you! Yes, I am here. I am waiting for you. I want to wrap My arms around you. I want to breathe My life into you. I've given you eternal life with Me forever.

So even though the world becomes dark, I will raise you up to be houses of light, greater than ever before, and you will shine, because My favor will rest upon you. My joy will rest upon you and My goodness will flow through you. You will shine! You will shine with the brightness of heaven. My angels will be sent to work with you. They will guide you. They will protect you, and in My covenant of peace, My kingdom will reign in this earth. Watch and see. Watch and see, because as the earth rumbles, hear the rumbling below the earth, and know I am at work. Though your eyes may not always see, and your ears may not always hear - I am at work! So choose to trust Me, even choose to wait on Me. For there are some works that take time. And though you may think I have left you, I will never leave you or forsake you. So stand in that choice to trust Me, and keep your eyes on Me. Keep your eyes on Me! Keep your eyes on Me! For I am faithful and I am full of loving kindness and mercy, with graciousness toward My people. Arise and shine for this is the time. Arise and shine My beloved. Shine! Shine! Shine! And always know I love you. I love you.. I love you...I love you.. I love you! I love you!"

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