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It was early in the morning of October 18th around 4 am, when during a restful sleep, I began brushing away from my cheek what seemed like feathers moving across my face. One, then two more swishes of my hand, I then sensed the gentle pressure like a hand on my shoulder. I opened my eyes thinking Richard was waking me, when I realized an angel was escorting me into a vision. I began hearing conversations, some crying, praying and some wailing. I could sense the pain in the intensity of their cries. I thought at first It must be our neighbors, when I suddenly was taken to a large gathering of people weeping.

There were multitudes of people crying, some deeply wailing in sorrow and repentance. Prayers were ascending. They were on their knees in what seemed to be a very large church setting with stained glass windows without walls. I was pondering what had brought them to such sadness when I was next taken into a heavenly realm where I was observing God the Father speaking with His angelic hosts. They were all looking down watching the mass of people kneeling sorrowfully when God, whose face appeared in a cloud like mist, similar to a Michelangelo painting in the Sistine Chapel, began to speak.

His voice was stern and rich with divine authority, and yet I could sense His fathomless love as He sternly, and yet wistfully spoke correction and divine adjustment to His children. It was evident that His deep concern and desire for His children to succeed and live well, without being hindered by the lack of understanding of His divine kingdom principles, brought Him to this moment to speak a word of guidance and caution. He spoke: “My children, who are you to criticize and judge each other? Many of My people have developed ‘loose lips.’ When you criticize others, you criticize Me! When you judge them, you judge Me! Ha! Ha!…How arrogant and self righteous you are, when you stand and speak exalting what you think you know and believe, trusting in your own understanding and not seeking Mine; choosing to act in your own self righteousness and not Mine. What revelation knowledge or understanding do you have unless I give it to you? Do you have the power to know and understand the depths of the heart of man? Ha! Is it written, do not touch My anointed or my chosen ones (Ps 105:15) and yet you try to destroy them with your words or your controlling prayers. Nor are you to touch My works that I have anointed for My plans and purposes. And yet, you vainly place your understanding above My knowledge.

Be careful of your actions and what you speak in the coming days, for I am releasing a new dispensation of My kingdom. My people have lived in My great grace, and so it shall be; but I am releasing My power anew, where once again the earth will shake with awe and wonder, as well as the fear of Who I Am. I am bringing a new order, realigning and exposing, as well as correcting. Keep your eyes and focus upon Me and you will not fall. Choose to remain in a place of humility and surrender, and I will deal with those who judge, criticize or dishonor.

My plumb-line has fallen, on which side do you stand? Behold, I am preparing to do great things in the earth. Will you not see it, or understand it? Holiness will be written beside My banner of love. Those who choose to position themselves in purity and humility will be honored and elevated in the coming days. Choose your words wisely and surrender any criticism or judgment of others to Me.”

Father, thank you for your love that brings adjustments and corrections as well as your revelatory plans and purposes in this life. Increase our understanding of Your plans and desires. Take the coal to our lips, and help us to walk in your ways, releasing hope and life to others. Bring your divine guidance in how we should pray and how we should respond to others. Thank you Father for your love and guidance, as well as your desire for us to live well and prosper in your kingdom here on earth.

Just a note: Upon perceiving “Loose Lips” which I had never heard before, a little research revealed that it is an idiom originating during WWII. Loose Lips Sink Ships was used on posters during the war to encourage citizens to “Beware of unguarded talk.”

May His blessings and truth bring life to you and family,

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