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Almost everyone has expectations of God. You hope, you pray, you trust and sometimes great things happen. But it also seems at times, like He is not listening or responding to your need. You may feel your answer hasn’t come or He just doesn’t care. Maybe you are praying for relief from a challenge or health issue -maybe you are asking Him to help you with finances or work. Whatever your need, He will come and help you, but He may come to you in a way you don’t expect.

Luke chapter one tells the story of Mary. She experienced a visitation, but to her surprise is was to conceive a child. I’m sure Mary had many needs in her life, but when the angel of the Lord came to her, he spoke of heaven’s desire for her not her own needs. How did she respond? We are given a divine model, an example if you will, of how God desires for us to respond in Mary. She is a picture of surrender and humility as she speaks in Luke 1:38: “Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word.”

When God visits He comes to you with purpose and favor. How did the angel greet Mary? In Luke 1:28 the angel declared: “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you.” The word favored #5487 in the concordance is defined as “highly favored, given honor.” She was also encouraged that she was not alone - God was with her!

God will always equip you and supply all that He requires. He is pleased when you surrender to Him in humility and obedience to His request. When you choose to surrender to His plan and purpose, He will infuse you with His grace and favor, and He will bless you, your life and family and the work He assigns to you.

God gave favor to Mary for the following:
1) God wanted to bring something great into Mary’s life and into the world.
2) God’s way of doing this was unexpected and unusual. It did not fit into the culture.
3) There was a price Mary was willing to pay in accepting God’s plan for her life, family, relationships,
cultural acceptance, finances, even her good name in the city.
4) Mary had a choice whether to receive or reject what the angel brought to her - What God desired for
her life.
5) Mary chose to trust God.

Like Mary, there is a price that may include suffering and sacrifice, but the blessing of surrender to His desire will overtake the challenge and sacrifice that may accompany your visitation. A difficult lesson to learn as a believer is that happiness really has nothing to do with blessedness. Happiness relates more to being lucky, and the Lord never promised pure happiness, good luck or even favorable circumstances. The disciples are perfect examples of the challenges in the life of a believer and overcomer. God desires to bless, and His blessedness results in His indwelling, resulting in peace and contentment no matter what the circumstances may be.

James 5:11 translated in the Zodiates Bible states this verse should be translated: “Behold, we recognize those who endured as blessed;” that is to say, receiving His indwelling, and in God finding full satisfaction in spite of their suffering. Apostle Paul often spoke of the maturing process in learning to be content whether you have gain or are in lack (Philippians 4). If you look for material gain or acknowledgement from man to feel successful, you may miss your visitation and the future God desires for you.

Father, may we find favor with You, and in our surrender and choice to obey, may You bless each one with Your presence and grace, knowing that You Lord dwell within; causing us to be fully satisfied in You, knowing You are with us whatever our circumstances or life journey. Help us see with Spirit eyes what your plans are so we do not miss Your visitations.

In His Love,

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