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With this year coming to a close and the entrance of a New Year approaching, we may have mixed emotions about hopes and dreams that are yet to be fulfilled. Below, you will find a word of hope and encouragement released by Kay Endsley to press forward and believe that your Father is faithful and has good things ahead for you. May this embolden you in this special season to hold fast to that which is good and see God faithfully fulfill the promises He has spoken to you! Enjoy this word from Kay -

Who is in need of breakthrough? Are you in a season where you just feel like you are pushing and pushing and nothing is happening? Are you ready to give up? Or maybe you are wondering if you have done something that disqualifies you from getting your breakthrough? Have you lost that place of faith and you feel like you just cannot muster up one more ounce of belief? Well, hold on and keep pressing in to God, because He is up to something BIG!

Our family recently experienced a huge breakthrough. But prior to it happening I was in inner turmoil and really wanted to give up. Even though I could see our victory on the horizon I was afraid and my faith was failing. Then in the early hours of the morning of June 24, 2017, I was awakened with a troubled heart and went to prayer. During this time I saw a mental picture and received encouragement from God that I believe He wants to released over His body. He wants to encourage believers who are struggling to find faith. He wants to encourage you to continue in your hope. To continue to believe for what He has promised you. To continue to pray!

On that early morning as I waited before God, I saw a mental image of huge heavy doors, like the gates of a medieval castle. The timbers that were used to construct the doors were massive - like whole trees for each piece of wood! Each plank could easily have been a square yard. These doors were so massive that they were humanly impossible to open!

As I pondered this picture I saw a squad of angels come to push against the doors and they started ever so slowly to budge them open. And then more angels came to push. And as they pushed and the doors began to open, golden-yellow coins started to flow from behind the doors. They weren't coins of currency, but they were "The Blessings of the Saints" that were stored up in heaven. And I heard the sound of them starting to trickle out, coin hitting coin, slowly at first, and then faster and faster, and then all rushing out with a mighty, sweeping force! And endless stream of blessing was starting to flow! I could sense the vibrations going on in the heavens as this picture played out. I summed up the feeling with a personal Facebook post for that day saying: "Did you feel that shaking? Did you hear that rumbling? The heavy doors of heaven are being opened and breakthrough is on the way!" The sense of heavenly vibration was so strong!

Then this was the encouragement I sensed the Lord speaking to me that followed: "Let's pick up where we left off (meaning the place where there use to be faith). Let's go! I am about to open doors for you. I am opening them NOW. Big, heavy doors. They are opening. It is taking an army squad to open the doors because they are so heavy. At least five angelic men-big, strong, men, on each side of these huge, heavy doors. Maybe seven or eight as help comes and more warrior men are opening these doors.

I am opening the doors that no one could open before. I am opening doors that you pushed hard to open but you could not budge in your own strength. Even now, you are not among the assignment that is pushing those doors open. I have released My Word that 'it is time.'

You saw this hindrance in your life from your own understanding. You thought it was just a thin narrow door - like a bedroom door - and you were trying to open it and walk through. But no! These hindrances - these blocks in your life were not those kind of doors. These doors are like the gates of a castle. They are not the kind of doors you just walk through nor are they the kind of doors that I lead you to; but these are doors that are opening to release to you from the storehouses of heaven, blessing and outpouring that has been stored up for you from years and years of prayer. These doors are so heavy that battle ramparts could not break them down. They are massive like city gates, and floodgates at the same time. And they are being pushed open for you. They are swinging open for you.

For My faithful ones who have stored up prayer upon prayer, petition upon petition, the answers, My release, My breakthrough is getting ready to pour out. As those doors swing wider and wider, breakthrough is gaining momentum and pushing its way out to you. The sheer force of momentum is so powerful that you have to jump out of the way so that it does not over take you! But reach out. Grab hold! Because I am pouring out! Reach out with your faith. Reach out with your words. Reach out with your belief. Reach out with your obedience to the actions I impress upon you to take. Reach out and take hold! Breakthrough is pushing through!

Don't let past mistakes, don't let past hindrances disqualify you in your own mind. I am not disqualifying you. I am saying go back to that place where we walked together in faith, before a spirit of unbelief tried to steal you away. Let's pick up where we left off. It is time! It is time for breakthrough! Grab hold of the promise. It is time! Let's go!"  Kay Endsley

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and be encouraged and strengthened by His love and grace. May this holiday season be filled with His presence and a fresh breath from heaven bringing refreshing, joy and peace to you and your loved ones. 

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