Greetings Covenant Family and Friends! 

I hope you have had a refreshing summer. July was especially a great month to travel and spend some extra time with family and friends. As of August 1st, we are stepping back into our yearly schedule and anticipating a great year with lots of activities at The Center. Starting this Wednesday, August 3rd we will reconvene meeting each Wednesday with our Youth Night and three Adult Groups including: Inner-Connections, Prophetic Activation, and Hebraic Studies. We will also continue our Covenant U classes on site, beginning Monday, September 12th. Please call our office for further information regarding classes and enrollment.

I would like to remind you of our Night of the Spirit on the second, third and fourth Friday of each month. The prophetic teaching and ministry to the Body has been powerful bringing life and truth to those attending.

Our three teams of musicians continue to prepare the atmosphere for His presence by their praise and worship during our Sunday morning celebrations. We appreciate their dedication and beautiful expression of heaven. Operation Back Pack provided back packs and school supplies for forty students starting school in a few weeks. Thanks to everyone who donated and participated in preparing these supplies for distribution. We hope to make this outreach a yearly event.

You will find a few new teachers in our youth department this year. We are thankful for our education team of instructors who minister to our children each week - Toddlers to High School. We are so blessed to have creative Spirit-filled teachers who have a heart to see children develop a relationship with Jesus and His word.

We are still in a special time regarding this Jubilee year and God is moving in our midst during this season of restoration. We are experiencing healings of relationships as well as emotional and physical healings, and also financial breakthroughs. God is releasing new levels of hope and covenant blessings, and we are looking forward to celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles including Rosh Hashanah this coming October.

This is going to be an outstanding year! We have much to look forward to as we watch God move in Florida and our Nation!