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On March 27th I experienced a lovely and special dream. This dream was rich with depth of color and clarity signaling to me the importance to write it down and reflect in its message. As I finished documenting it, I prepared to check the date, and was surprised to see we were only three days till Passover. I found myself in a large gathering - a grand celebration was taking place with many people. There were some from The Covenant Center and some from abroad. Royally clothed priests walked among us in brightly colored robes of rich blue and gold. I was unable to make out their faces, but I knew they were priests/angelic beings assigned by the Father for this gathering. I along with others, were encouraged to go to various staging areas for prayer and blessing. I moved toward the first staging area where they handed out images of Baby Jesus, drawn on white paper and enclosed in an origami like navy art paper. Another priest then led me over to another area where I sat upon softly cushioned seats while they also prayed for me. I did not understand the language being spoken over me, but the peace and weighted presence surrounded me with love.

I returned to the dancing and celebration and was then escorted to the "last stage" walking through the areas of this grand place. It was stunning. I was released to stand in a massive doorway or gate, just like the ones I experienced while in Jerusalem. Throughout the stages or visiting points I was always guided to points for prayer, while the weightedness and waves of glory increased, ultimately bending me over until it was difficult to stand erect. I began to lean against the door frame of this large gathering trying with all my strength to stand as erect as possible to observe the merriment, when I suddenly heard a swish-swish of fabric heading toward me. By now I was bent at a 90 degree angle so I could only see the lower half of this being, who came toward me walking powerfully through the gate, majestically clothed in bright royal red and gold trim. As he passed by, the power he carried was so strong that I immediately fell to my knees and bowed low with my head to the ground. I had no control over my being. I never saw his face, but I knew immediately he was a very high ranking priest with the power to bend me over in reverence to his presence and cause my strength to completely expire. 

Unable to move I waited for assistance, when a young man finally came, taking my arm to assist me once again standing upright, while he jovially said with a twinkle in his eye, "I don't know how people would react if they knew Richard was bringing wine to church." I laughed and smiled at him saying with a wink that he should talk with Richard. I then excused myself and returned to join in the dancing and celebration.

Lastly, I was motioned toward an Art Fair with many compositions for sale. These icons were of great value and I was moved by their beauty and expression. I walked on to the pottery area in the back of the building when I heard a familiar song from my past. The song directed me to a couple where I began observing their conversation. One woman apologized while the other responded with, a shrug saying "Don't worry about it." I sensed that they were reconciling and chosing to lay down any hostilities toward each other. As they resolved their differences the chilly atmosphere change to complete peace.

I believe this dream was a message to prepare our hearts for the Passover season which encourages us to pray and ask God to consecrate us and our future with Him. It is a time to come before Him reconciling our relationship with God and with man. It is also a time of cleansing and preparation for Pentecost, soon appearing May 20th.

Which leads me into the following dream aligning with Passover and posturing us for Pentecost. Again, I found myself in a very large gathering with people from The Covenant Center as well as other countries. Even though I was not dressed in military regalia, I knew I had given my life for a great purpose. Everyone was waiting for their new assignments. A man who I believe was a general in this great army of citizens spoke again in an unknown language, as he prepared the letters/scrolls. Patiently waiting, he arrived in front of me, extending the scroll of paper and placing it in my hand. I opened the scroll and it read: "You are assigned to go up to the Mountain of the Lord." I immediately was transported to a snow covered mountain with others standing beside me. That very Sunday when I received this dream,  I literally entered our meeting room at The Covenant Center and what do you think I heard with my ears and saw with my eyes? Our psalmists were singing, "Come up to the Mountain of the Lord," while our technical staff placed a massive snow-capped mountain on our large screen. Only God could make such a plan..

I'm so glad He chooses to speak in a language we can understand. I've come to realize in days past He was often speaking to me and I missed many appointed moments because I didn't understand He was speaking. Even if you have not chosen to celebrate His Passover to Pentecost cycle, there is always time for you to build a relationship with Him. It's never to late to ask Him to reveal Himself to you and become familiar with Him, to begin celelbrating what lies ahead.

God brought these two separate dreams together, though received months apart, with clarity this past Sunday, during a time of great praise, worship, repentance and forgiveness, while reconciling ourselves to Him and others. We declared it is time to go up to the mountain of the Lord, followed by a fresh anointing and positioning for the coming year.

As the dreams suggest, Passover gives us the opportunity to surrender ourselves to His cleansing work and consecration (dedicating ourselves afresh to His divine purpose). And as we allow God's cleansing work to accomplish His desire in our hearts, we will find ourselves bowing low to His divine work of consecration in preparation for receiving His heavenly assignment.

He desires to come to you in this new season and reveal His plans, placing the "scroll" in your hands with a fresh assignment from heaven to continue to guide you through your life, into your future with Him.      

In His love,

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