Passover Preparation

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Leviticus 23 includes Passover and Unleavened Bread, as well as Firstfruits as part of the Lord's Feasts which we are encouraged to celebrate.

The Hebrew word for Passover is "Pesach" meaning "to spring, jump or pass over something." This refers to God's deliverance of Israel from the bondage of Egypt. Passover not only typifies redemption, but prophetically it was God's plan for world redemption by Jesus, the sacrificial Lamb. What a reason to celebrate!

"And they kept the Feast of Unleavened Bread seven days with joy," Ezra 6:22. I have not personally found many Believers who celebrate the Lord's Feasts, excited about getting rid of the leaven or yeast in their lives. They believe it may be painful or too hard to give up enjoyable/addicting habits. It may be even worse for some to lay down their mental strongholds so that they can receive inner healing.

In 1st Corinthians 5:7 Paul states, "Cleanse out the old leaven that you maybe a new lump, just as you really are unleavened. For Christ the Passover Lamb, has been sacrificed." Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, we are already new. His death and resurrection has removed the leaven in our life. However, in a practical way there is still leaven that we must cleanse inside and out from the influence of the world. It is a time of purifying our heart and a time to make a decision to separate our self from anything unclean.

In preparation for this Passover, beginning March 30th through April 7th, as we cleanse our "house" and get rid of the leaven, let's celebrate as we experience His presence, joy and blessings! 


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A Kingdom House

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God is building His kingdom here on earth. He is encouraging each one of His children to know that He is loves them and has destiny in their spiritual DNA. I hope this Word encourages you as He speaks to any striving for significance or identity, knowing He is well pleased.

I am building My kingdom house. And you say, well, Lord what is a kingdom house? What does a kingdom house look like? I tell you it is a house of destiny. It is a house of relationship. It is a house of healing. It is a house of love. It is a house of multiplication. It is a house of impartation. You say, what does Your destiny look like? I say your destiny is what you walk in throughout each day. Your destiny is where you are right now. Your destiny is to love mercy, live holy, see Me clearly, impart heaven to those who mourn, to those who are burdened, to those who are sorrowful, to those who are in pain. Your destiny is every minute of your day. For I guide you through your destiny each day, each minute, each hour. So when you look for My kingdom house, look within you. Yes, there is multiplication, there will be impartation and My presence will reign in this place.

But know that you don't have to search for your destiny. Your destiny is where you live right now. Your destiny is that moment of love that you share. Your destiny is the prayer that you release. Your destiny is the hope that you impart. Your destiny is the revelation from heaven you share that helps guide a wondering soul. So yes, I call you a kingdom house and I declare to you, each of you are a part of My house of destiny. Each of you are a part of My kingdom house. Don't look for My love in one place. Don't look simply for My presence, Do not build idols, places where you think that I live and reign. Because as scripture has spoken to you, I reign over all the earth. I love all creation and I love all people. I desire to give hope and encouragement and to daily guide My creation into their destiny; day by day, moment by moment. So live, celebrate, enjoy the gift of My love and My presence and impart it to all you meet, and you will walk as My kingdom house and My house of destiny.

In His love,

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Release The Sound by Cynthia Cox

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Cynthia Cox shared the following encouraging word at The Covenant Center recently. Be encouraged and inspired as you move forward in this new season.

It came even to pass as the trumpeters and the singers were as one. To make one sound to be heard and be praising and thanking the Lord; when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and instruments and music, praising the Lord. Praise the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever. And then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the Lord, so that the priest could not stand, by reason of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God. Allow the glory to fill the house today. Release the sound. Release the sounds that are due to His name. Release His praise. Release His worship.

For I would say unto you my little ones, look not to the left - nor to the right for I am the Lord your God. I am the great I Am. I am the true and the living God, and it doesn't matter what goes on in this world, I am God and I change not. But look unto Me, for I am the Author and Finisher of your faith. I change not and surely whatever I have promised you I will bring it forth, for I am not a God that will lie. But know that this day give the praise and the glory that is due to Me, for I am still God of this earth, and I am still doing great and mighty things in the earth.

Focus upon Me, says the Lord. Look unto Me. Keep your face like flint. Do not be moved by what you see. Pray and praise even more, even in your prayer language. Know that you can mount up in Me, and when you mount up in Me, you will see. You will see the great things I have in store for you. For I am a God that has not forsaken you and I have not forgotten you. I've not abandoned you, for My love is true. Know this day I have come to encourage My people. Be lifted up and allow the King of Glory to come into this place and I will lift you up. I will bless you.

In HIs love, 

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Covenant Compassionate Acts

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For many Christians it is a challenge to decide whether they are suppose to wait on God or step out. Many are also discouraged because their personal prophetic word has not come to pass yet and they are unsure if they are: 1) suppose to do something to make it come to pass, 2) whether God will do everything Himself or 3) they have to co-labor together with Him. There even seems to be scriptures which emphasize two different aspects of responding to the Lord's word, one thinking and one doing.

In Philippians 4:8 we are instructed to:"Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things." And in James 1:22 we are exhorted:"But prove yourselves doers of the word and not merely hearers who delude themselves."

The word dwell in Philippians 4:8 means to reckon, count, compute or calculate. In other words, we should calculate with our mind so that it counts according to these things: true, lovely, good repute, excellence, and worthy of praise." 

When we practice"hesed" (covenant compassionate acts) God asks us to count and see if we are following through with action on these acts, not just thinking about them. So it seems we are not just suppose to dwell or think on these things, but put them into practice.

James speaks of the same concept of being doers of the word and not just hearers. Delusion in James is not doing what we already know to do. The Bible is about obedience and applying what we've learned, not just gathering more information. Sometimes I think we criticize others because they are applying the principles of the Bible and yet we accuse them of trying to perform God's word to get approval and love by striving. In reality, they may just be obeying God's word and doing what they know or sense to do from understanding and following scripture.

It is good to check to see why we do what we do, and figure out why we are motivated to do certain things. However, after we understand our motives, receive healing and sincerely want to please Him, then walking out covenant compassionate acts of love would certainly follow the biblical directives. I believe this is a time if we do not hear clearly what to do from God, we need to continue doing what we already know to do by applying the principles of His word. In response to loving others compassionately He will continue to give, direct and communicate because of His covenant love for us.

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Surrender - A KIngdom Principle

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Recently I came across a Martial Arts competition broadcast. My thoughts quickly returned to college when I took a beginning Judo class and later tried Taekwondo, which by the way was really fun, but also revealed my less than stellar abilities. I hadn't watched this sport for many years, but I was drawn into the strength, ability and agility of each participant as they tried to out maneuver each other; grunting, panting, twisting and heaving toward the victorious moment when their opponent would give up, slap the mat and yell Matte,' meaning peace or I give up.

As the young man beat the mat, I immediately envisioned the times I have wrestled or fought with God unwisely thinking I could win, believing I knew what was best for my life. There were moments of crying out, whining, pouting, anger, deferring, ignoring, or simply resisting as I determined to make my own way and forge my own path. Of course, I was no match for God's desires as I opposed Him and struggled at my own expense. Years earlier I had given my life to Him, but it was actually conditional surrender. I chose to serve Him when I liked the assignment, but I would become passive and distant if it did not seem to benefit me. It only took one good wilderness to awaken me to His power and the revelation that He was actually in control and my insufficient attempts at life were simply an illusion of my own inability to succeed without Him. As I gave my heart to Him I asked to know and understand His ways, but my surrender to His training was purely subject to my approval.

As a little child and romantic, I loved the story of Mary as the angel came to tell her that she would divinely carry the Christ child, and I was awed at her intentional and unconditional surrender to God as she spoke in Luke 1:38: "Behold the bondslave of the Lord; be it unto me according to your word." How many times did I try to rightly position myself to surrender to His will like Mary and yet failed. I wanted to "slap the mat" and yield to Him and yet my actions revealed my determination to keep fighting. Sometimes it was fear, pride, unfulfilled personal dreams, and sometimes it was simply rebellion wanting to serve Him my own way. I wanted to give up but I simply didn't know how. A part of me wanted to "go where He leads me," and yet I remained fearful, angry and full of my own desires, lacking maturity and intimacy to trust Him with my future. Some call this double mindedness. However you label it, indecision and self interest can cause one to become stagnate and unable to prosper or move forward in life 

Many people still have points of enmity or frustration with God. They may be angry, feeling He did not meet their needs or fulfill His promises as they imagined. And unfortunately in this fallen world, bad things do happen to very precious people and the end result can lead one to feel betrayed or rejected by God. If we are not vigilant we can give way to the lies of darkness believing God is not with us nor does He care. Each person is faced with the choice to either turn their back to Him or surrender as He begins the divine work of covenant exchange. Understanding His process of changing us into more of His image often erases fear as we begin to intimately cooperate with Him and allow the deep work of change within. God's covenant exchange is a divine work of Holy Spirit, as He takes all that we are in exchange for all that He is. God patiently removes all the worldly thoughts, belief structures and actions in our life and He then pours more of Himself into us. He is actually changing our character and nature to become more like Him. Even in our maturity, there are still moments in our relationship where we must choose to bow low, slap the mat and say, "Peace, I give," surrendering to His desires above our own. Trust is built over time not always understanding His reasons, but we learn to serve without disputing or resisting, knowing He love us, is faithful and has our best interest in His heart. God always has a much bigger plan than what we are able to "see" or comprehend.

As you mature you will begin to trust Him more. He shows you that your circumstances or conditions do not determine His love for you, and even in the midst of tragedy or loss, He is with you. Every challenge that confronts you gives Him a chance to reveal more of Himself and His name. He is Understanding and Knowledge. He is Majestic and Glorious. He is Revelation, Comfort and Wonder. He is the King of Glory, the Spirit of Truth and the Prince of Peace; Wonderful Counselor, Creator, Salvation, Health, Safety and Increase. He is Salvation and the God of the spotted and speckled and so much more. He educates you regarding His kingdom and teaches you to co-labor with Him. Through dreams and visions He comes to you and instructs you in the way you should walk. We learn His ways are not our ways and in our weakness we experience His sovereignty and strength. He gives understanding that we are not called to a life of idleness, but are asked to actively serve at His direction and requests, willfully surrendering to His work and desires. 

God has a way of wrestling us down on the mat, pinning us in situations, until we finally give up. Sometimes He leads by gentle means and sometimes He must deal with His children by firmer or more forceful means. Arthur Burt once wrote in his book "Surrender, Your Key to Spiritual Success" the following: "God endeavors to bring us to the point of surrender. We have been subject to heavenly raids: God has been dropping bombs on the fortifications of the empire of our flesh life. Blockbusters with unerring precision have devastated our communication lines, and many of us have been made aware that we are in a preparatory 'softening up' process."

Each day we awaken to new mercies and possibilities; new opportunities to yield to His agenda. He comes and offers all that He is - the fullness of God - to all who surrender to Him. We are then provoked to respond to His eternal question: How much of you will you surrender to Me? Maybe you feel pressure, resistance, fear, disappointment, irritation, anger, frustration or pain? Is life less than what you hoped for? Is it possible you may be resisting the very One who has a better way to do life? Is it possible He may want to speak to you and share what He holds in your future? Would you consider the possibility He may be persuading you to "slap the mat?" Our cry will no longer ring of our own ideas, plans, pain, wounds or personal desires; but we will choose to kneel, yielded to God in peaceful acceptance of HIs will and way, releasing from our heart and soul to Him the words Jesus spoke in the Garden: "Not my will but Yours be done"(Matt. 26:39).

"Thank you Father for Your mercy and grace. Help me to trust and surrender to You and Your desire for my life. Please help me to understand Your ways as I learn to acknowledge and receive Your love, knowing You deeply care and have a plan for me. Thank You for patiently working in my life, helping me to release my worldly nature and character to receive more of You."

In HIs love,

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The Greatest Gift

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Christmas is always a special time for many to celebrate, trim the tree, hang the lights and enjoy festivities and gift giving. Joy and hope seem to permeate the atmosphere as we look toward a new year brimming with endless possibilities. For others, it is a challenge to wade through what seems to be a path of never ending celebrations, watching joyful people who appear to have it all; while inside you wrestle with pain, loss and sometimes despair. Unfulfilled expectations can make Christmas intolerable. Whatever your experience, this Christmas can be your best ever by not merely focusing on the festivities, personal loss or regret, but turning your eyes upon Jesus; for He is the true gift of this season.

Believers often describe Jesus as Lord, Savior or use other names describing His character as Truth, Hope, Redeemer and Light, Friend and Shepherd. Over the centuries almost everyone has heard the supernatural story of His birth as well as His crucifixion and resurrection, but what makes Jesus so special and separates Him from other deities. What makes Him such a great gift?

For one thing Jesus, is the only one who is able to forgive mankind of their sin. Whatever you have said or done, no matter how shameful, Jesus has the divine power to cleanse you and forgive you where sin no longer dictates your life. He gives you a clean slate to begin again. 

Secondly, after you invite Him to be your Savior and Lord, He is the only one who can renew and transform you into the new person He wants you to be. His supernatural work accomplished through Holy Spirit, will penetrate deep within your heart, mind and soul, causing you to begin to think more clearly and make wiser decisions and choices. He will patiently help you to renew your mind, change your thoughts and ways of thinking, transforming you into a new being. You have the potential to become all that He desires for you to be.

These two qualities certainly make Jesus the greatest man that ever lived, but there is even more to celebrate. He is the only one who provides the pathway for you to live with Him eternally in paradise (Luke 23:43). By simply asking Him into your heart, into your life and getting to know Him, He has promised you will live eternally with Him. I sometimes ponder this point which is too spectacular to actually comprehend with our natural mind. Life everlasting, with Jesus in heaven, living in paradise eternally. He is the only one who can grant this future to you. He is not only the greatest gift but the greatest gift giver.

So as you approach this season, whether you have met Him or not, I submit to you these points in hope you will take a moment to savor and give thanks to the greatest gift God has ever given to you and to mankind - His only Son. If you have never met Him or desired to trust Him, it is never to late to become acquainted with this loving Son of God who became man for you. Whatever your holiday affords you, Jesus is there beside you. He desires to walk with you through your life journey and through His covenant of peace bring you peace, safety, security, prosperity, health, and increase. Yes, it really is possible for you to have new life, filled with hope and renewed vision. As you meet with family and friends this holiday, preparing to ring in the New Year, please consider opening your arms to receive the most expensive and extraordinary gift of love and life from God your Father to you. His name is Jesus and He gave His life for you.

A blessed Christmas and New Year to you and your family,

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God's Covenant At Christmas

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This Christmas season gives you a tremendous opportunity to operate in two aspects of covenant: Giving and Exchanging. Galatians 1:4 states: He gave his life for our sins so that He might rescue us from this present evil age..." He even now gives Himself for us in intercessory prayer because He loves us. 

You have a wonderful opportunity this Christmas season to release the love of God within you to others. Of course, this will look different to each of you as you are presented with various occasions. It could be through your financial giving, providing food, clothing, visits to those who are lonely, prayer, writing a note, books, cards of encouragement and more.

Covenant is briefly defined as an ongoing process of intimate exchange of all that I am for all that He is. During covenant making, the stronger party exchanges what it has with the weaker party, who does not have as much to give, gladly and thankfully embracing the receiving part of covenant.

In the new covenant, rather than needing to perform and strive to get God's love and approval, we can exchange our weaknesses, sin and unrighteousness for His strength, love and righteousness. In fact there are five aspects that can be exchanged in this covenant exchange process in which we are able to receive His names, character, nature, position and responsibility. We can also exchange our sickness for His health, our anxiety for His peace and our depression or disappointment for His hope.

So during this Christmas season let's consider the joy of giving to others as we exchange our shortcomings to receive more of His nature and character in this magnificent covenant exchange.

Have a blessed Merry Christmas and New Year -

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Don't Give Up! Breakthrough Is On The Way!

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With this year coming to a close and the entrance of a New Year approaching, we may have mixed emotions about hopes and dreams that are yet to be fulfilled. Below, you will find a word of hope and encouragement released by Kay Endsley to press forward and believe that your Father is faithful and has good things ahead for you. May this embolden you in this special season to hold fast to that which is good and see God faithfully fulfill the promises He has spoken to you! Enjoy this word from Kay -

Who is in need of breakthrough? Are you in a season where you just feel like you are pushing and pushing and nothing is happening? Are you ready to give up? Or maybe you are wondering if you have done something that disqualifies you from getting your breakthrough? Have you lost that place of faith and you feel like you just cannot muster up one more ounce of belief? Well, hold on and keep pressing in to God, because He is up to something BIG!

Our family recently experienced a huge breakthrough. But prior to it happening I was in inner turmoil and really wanted to give up. Even though I could see our victory on the horizon I was afraid and my faith was failing. Then in the early hours of the morning of June 24, 2017, I was awakened with a troubled heart and went to prayer. During this time I saw a mental picture and received encouragement from God that I believe He wants to released over His body. He wants to encourage believers who are struggling to find faith. He wants to encourage you to continue in your hope. To continue to believe for what He has promised you. To continue to pray!

On that early morning as I waited before God, I saw a mental image of huge heavy doors, like the gates of a medieval castle. The timbers that were used to construct the doors were massive - like whole trees for each piece of wood! Each plank could easily have been a square yard. These doors were so massive that they were humanly impossible to open!

As I pondered this picture I saw a squad of angels come to push against the doors and they started ever so slowly to budge them open. And then more angels came to push. And as they pushed and the doors began to open, golden-yellow coins started to flow from behind the doors. They weren't coins of currency, but they were "The Blessings of the Saints" that were stored up in heaven. And I heard the sound of them starting to trickle out, coin hitting coin, slowly at first, and then faster and faster, and then all rushing out with a mighty, sweeping force! And endless stream of blessing was starting to flow! I could sense the vibrations going on in the heavens as this picture played out. I summed up the feeling with a personal Facebook post for that day saying: "Did you feel that shaking? Did you hear that rumbling? The heavy doors of heaven are being opened and breakthrough is on the way!" The sense of heavenly vibration was so strong!

Then this was the encouragement I sensed the Lord speaking to me that followed: "Let's pick up where we left off (meaning the place where there use to be faith). Let's go! I am about to open doors for you. I am opening them NOW. Big, heavy doors. They are opening. It is taking an army squad to open the doors because they are so heavy. At least five angelic men-big, strong, men, on each side of these huge, heavy doors. Maybe seven or eight as help comes and more warrior men are opening these doors.

I am opening the doors that no one could open before. I am opening doors that you pushed hard to open but you could not budge in your own strength. Even now, you are not among the assignment that is pushing those doors open. I have released My Word that 'it is time.'

You saw this hindrance in your life from your own understanding. You thought it was just a thin narrow door - like a bedroom door - and you were trying to open it and walk through. But no! These hindrances - these blocks in your life were not those kind of doors. These doors are like the gates of a castle. They are not the kind of doors you just walk through nor are they the kind of doors that I lead you to; but these are doors that are opening to release to you from the storehouses of heaven, blessing and outpouring that has been stored up for you from years and years of prayer. These doors are so heavy that battle ramparts could not break them down. They are massive like city gates, and floodgates at the same time. And they are being pushed open for you. They are swinging open for you.

For My faithful ones who have stored up prayer upon prayer, petition upon petition, the answers, My release, My breakthrough is getting ready to pour out. As those doors swing wider and wider, breakthrough is gaining momentum and pushing its way out to you. The sheer force of momentum is so powerful that you have to jump out of the way so that it does not over take you! But reach out. Grab hold! Because I am pouring out! Reach out with your faith. Reach out with your words. Reach out with your belief. Reach out with your obedience to the actions I impress upon you to take. Reach out and take hold! Breakthrough is pushing through!

Don't let past mistakes, don't let past hindrances disqualify you in your own mind. I am not disqualifying you. I am saying go back to that place where we walked together in faith, before a spirit of unbelief tried to steal you away. Let's pick up where we left off. It is time! It is time for breakthrough! Grab hold of the promise. It is time! Let's go!"  Kay Endsley

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and be encouraged and strengthened by His love and grace. May this holiday season be filled with His presence and a fresh breath from heaven bringing refreshing, joy and peace to you and your loved ones. 

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God's Good News Of The Gospel - His Covenant

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God sent His good news because of His faithfulness toward mankind. He sent Jesus as our covenant representative to become our sin and our blood sacrifice so we are now acceptable to Him. That was His love and faithfulness in action. He opened the door to intimacy and fellowship with the Father through the Holy Spirit. Understanding what God did for humanity also builds trust.

Now instead of working and striving to become like Him, He imparts Himself and His character into us, as we allow Him access to our lives. We now respond in love to His Word as He gives us grace to walk in His ways. He reshapes what matters to us by altering the intentions and motivations of our heart so they reflect Him.

The good news of the gospel is His invitation for us to enter into covenant with Him. We accept this covenant relationship knowing He is faithful. "If we are faithless, He remains faithful; for He cannot deny Himself " (2 Timothy 2:13). As we understand His covenant commitment to His Word, then we begin to walk in faith rather than anxiety, knowing He will fulfill His promises or blessings.

What a covenant! We enter in by faith, knowing we cannot do anything to make us righteous except to accept the fact that Jesus' death, burial and resurrection made us justified. Now, because of His love toward us and our love and thanksgiving to Him, we offer ourselves by devoting our life and love to pleasing Him. He then writes His word on our hearts, which begins to transform our thinking, emotions, character and behavior. That is His good news for us. We do not have to do everything. All we have to do is enter in and surrender to HIs love!

His covenant is incredibly good news!

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The Earth Is Shaking For The Sons Of God

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The following word was recently released at The Covenant Center. I hope it will encourage you to keep your eyes on Him and remember His love and faithfulness.

I hear the voices of My people crying out: "Oh God! What are You doing? Oh God, what is happening? Oh my God, where are You? Oh God, I don't understand?"

What are you looking at My children? What are you looking at and where are your eyes focusing? Are you focusing on the injustice? Are you focusing on the terror? Are you focusing on the devastation? The earth is shaking! The earth is shaking! It is shaking for the sons of God to arise. I am calling My sons and daughters forth. What have you studied for? What have you trained for? What have you planned for? What have you prayed for? What have you seen in your mind's eye? I am calling you forth. Do you not see it? Do you no sense it? Do you not understand it? For the earth is shaking for My glory to be released into this place that I have created, and I desire you to align with My plans and My purposes.

So, where is your hope? Where is your focus? For is it not written that I am the God of Hope? Am I not the God of Hope that loves His children and desires to give good gifts to them? Even in the chaos, even in the shaking, even in the alignments and realignments, know that I am there. Know that I feel your pain and know that I feel your suffering. But understand, is it not written that there is a greater purpose for what is coming - for what is taking place? And will I not pull you into My breast and comfort you and keep you and bring revelation to you? For I love you! I love you! I love you!

So as the earth shakes, I ask you one thing - keep your eyes on Me. When your spirit becomes troubled, when you become discouraged or dismayed, keep your eyes on Me. Keep your eyes on Me. Remember to always keep your eyes on Me.

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